Person Of The Year - 2012

Dennis Clairmont
Congratulatory thread

Past Winners

2011 Mary Evelyn Simpson
2008 Pauline Raina
2007 - Joe Downing
2006 - Luella May
2005 - John Sanchez

About POTW

Person of the Week - 1/14/2013

I have been a proud member with adlandpro since 2004 I enjoy Networking Online been doing this for 8 years part time.See Nomination Thread

Person of the Week - 12/14/2012

I have not been on Adland for a while and I am back to see how everyone is doing and to maybe see if I can help with positive changes.See Nomination Thread

Person of the Week - 12/7/2012

Dear Adland friends, This time I will not bore you with facts regarding my life as a child or as a young and talented executive. Gone are the days when I would pity myself thinking my life had been wasted searching for riches. Gone are my frantic attempts to recover the lost time by looking to music, art and literature as life's redeemers.See Nomination Thread

Person of the Week - 11/29/2012

Hi Adlanders, It is very exciting to be a part of ALP for so many years now. It is truly an honor to be recognized as Person of the Week. One of the many things that I like about this community is that whether someone is very active here or not, you still treat us with respect while we are here, encourage us when we are not, welcome us back with loving arms and so forth. So as not to leave anyone out I prefer not to start giving credit however I will have to mention a few of the special people in addition to ALP owner Bogdan Fiedur that mean so much to me, including Jim Allen III, Kathleen Vanbeekom, Dennis Clairmont, and many, many others!See Nomination Thread

Person of the Week - 11/24/2012

When I start talking to folks about me, which is rare, I am quite tight lipped and I am my own worst critic and enemy. Be glad you have not been party to one of my own personal critiques. I know that I have a long way to go yet.See Nomination Thread

Person of the Week - 11/8/2012

Plain old fashion COMMON SENSE works for Us! Which do you prefer, pie in the sky or simple truth?See Nomination Thread

Person of the Week - 11/2/2012

My Vision The Greatest discovery of my life is that I found out by being able to change my life I was changing my attitude of my mind. Someone once said "Take charge of your thoughts, you can do what you will for them".So There I changed the way I thought. So it was for myself alone, for I had to form a new and better thought pattern to give me victory over myself.I decided to put my personal discovery and Apply it so others can learn from me and I learn from them.See Nomination Thread

Person of the Week - 10/27/2012

I enjoy networking and making money online. I've been doing it for over 15 years now. Like most people I've had success and failure but now I'm just doing fine.See Nomination Thread

Person of the Week - 10/19/2012

My goodness, what a wonderful surprise! I am currently very actively working on my collectible gifts site as I have some great gifts for the holidays.See Nomination Thread

Person of the Week - 10/11/2012

I have been into computer programming for 25 years. I really enjoy internet marketing and meeting new people and working for customers and training.See Nomination Thread
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