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pay the ferryman
12/7/2007 12:07:09 PM

This morning when I was shuffling through my lab, I couldn't do my work enthusiastic or efficient as usual. One simple drop kept nagging in my brain, the drop which filled last night my bucket, when I had finished browsing some forums, to let him overflow. At first I hesitated all morning to give one single drop to much attention. I don't like to over-react, but it is me and I react as me. It's time to show the other side of the coin. I pay the ferryman.

Hello dear friends, and to whom it concerns.

Let's start with a proverb  " even a dead fish can swim down the river"  I don't remember the source, could be me.

To make my point I like to tell (again) some kind of a story, an excerpt from my busy live. May be 15 years ago, please do not nail me on years, if all stories are told you must have the impression my age is 80 not 60 years. At that time I had an interesting hobby. Which was developed  from the knowledge my colleges had over me, they knew I have a photographic memory and I read much, not much, more worse, I suck information as a black hole sucks energy. They asked me to review their scripts, before they let it published.

So a friend supplied me with a script from his college, the reading matter was of course, some genius work from a professor, which lectured physics for 25 years and now before retirement, he thought he had found the egg of Columbus, and make name and extra buck's, in physics of course.I did read it, and I supplied my comment. I'll share my comment with you , "this is the work of a second year student, have you slept the last 20 years, please wake up, physics has changed." I added a new enemy on my list. Yes indeed he published the work and sold so far I know 3 copies, one for himself, one for his wife and one for his brother in law as a birthday present. This is pretty sarcastic, but he did not pay the ferryman.

One close friend, a prof. in high energy physics has written several books, I reviewed the last. We where actually friends and we had the same strange urge (pathology) and in the mortuary he was my mentor.Every time I had an amendment I visited him, we had a brandy a good chat and a stormy discussions. After I was home two or three day's later I received a letter. Honorable college I have made some changes in my script, please read carefully and I hope you do understand what I mean sincerely...Finally the book was published. When I read it, I wasn't mentioned, not even a single note, even I had done all the calculations on heavenly objects. My wife was furious, and I, the only thing I was concerned and I was glad about. It was written the I wanted it. One year later he got cancer. I phoned the answer machine, wrote to him, no answer given. Eight months later he died. Even he did not pay the ferryman. I honor him.

The third script adventure I like to share, is from a honorable man. Most of you have read or heard from him. Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky. This is a strange one because of no way I was ever in the picture of my idol. Via a French solicitor who knew my work via a dutch acquaintance did sent me an original script from Dr.Velikovsky. I did not review it, I cherish it and will never publish it. Because it is hand written and the moment, I had the guts to phone him to make an appointment, I heard he passed away. He earned his place in heaven. He paid the ferryman.

Now I see you raised eyebrows, and what do you mean Bernd , what is your point.

Yes the drop. Many people have forums and start threads with good intentions and with the hope to get decent replies, and then the get replies,

here it comes, some replies piss me off.

The Lord gave us two eyes to read carefully, two ears to hear wat is said, and only one mouth to speak. So this is a message to some forum posters, more a prayer I like to advise.

" Please dear Lord keep my big mouth shut ,till I know what I'm talking about."

Who the shoes fit please put them on and walk away.

When we talk about people with desises or with people which are in pain for years. Which are struggle on day by day and if they show that they are vulnerable ,

please show some respect and post your insane reclame advise some where else.

I give one example on a wel meant but useless advice.

Rhodiola Rosea, well known as a pain releaser and a mood enhancer , you can buy it at many internet stores. It will not work, what you buy is expensieve urin. Why? Rhodiola grows by nature in the high Altei mountains. In winter time temperatures falls below 40 degrees celsius, the plant has for survival a natural anti-freeze compound of 1% in total of it's composition, that is the clue that it works. And all in greenhouses grown plants don't have that compound. And for all Rhodiola you can by, the Altai mountains cannot provide the demand.

Even if now, some of you will never come back to my forum, I'll take the risk. I pay the ferryman.

God bless, Bernd


Peter Fogel

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Re: pay the ferryman
12/7/2007 12:27:40 PM

Hi Bernd,

Very interesting post. I must say that you have courage and are a very direct individual. A man after my own heart. You say what you mean and you mean what you say.

There will be those that won't appreciate what you had and have to say but I must agree with you. Especially in the case in hand. I saw and read the forum you are talking about and thought to myself that I have nothing to contribute to this forum. It's a bit unusual for me not to have an opinion on a topic or subject but when it comes to "pain" nada nothing. All I know is that it hurts but not what to do about it (aside from taking a pain reliever) to help the woman whose forum it is.

So my courageous friend rest assured that I'll continue visiting and participating in your forums.

Best wishes & Shalom,


Peter Fogel
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Mary Hofstetter

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Re: pay the ferryman
12/7/2007 12:36:21 PM
Hi Bernd, I would say, for being new here you are most brave as you yet do not know who your true friends are. You are building trust here. However, you very much remind me of others who have been much too honest here. They soon leave as a large majority of folks here can not discuss and are extremely defensive if you ruffle their feathers. You will attract other like minded folks who do like to discuss and may disagree with you on occassion. That is healthy and I am finding most interesting. Our forums are more than sparklies and thank yous. You are a breath of fresh air. As you say, we can't take the ferry ride for free.
Larry Blethen

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Re: pay the ferryman
12/7/2007 5:20:14 PM

hello Bernd...thank you for this interesting post...

   Happy Holidays...Larry

Larry Blethen, 304-369-5603
Re: pay the ferryman
12/14/2007 4:08:38 PM

Hi Peter,

Thank you for the kind support. I know, sometimes  my reactions are hard to swallow, but I react straight from my heart and with my knowledge in mind. I created this forum with the intention for possible positive changes in our minds and attitudes towards our fellow men. We can learn from each other a lot. When we meet and argue with respect. Every day adds a lesson to our lives.

Best wishes,





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