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the human psycho-Biocomputer
12/4/2007 6:56:57 AM

Dear friends,

Today I would like  introduce to you, a new issue concerning the human brain and its abilities. All this can be of any help to solve many human related troubles as we are soaked into, by the near future, or even this very moment. 

The biocomputer is the image of thought, consciously organized in the non-material space of the human brain and is able to develop and to maintain itself through energy exchange.

 Our century turned to be a century of various fields of knowledge enriching each other with discoveries and inventions. Modern people have made their way from primers to Internet technologies but we still cannot manage to keep the world in balance. In many parts of the world and sometimes even globally the biological level of the human nature often prevails over reason. It is put to effect  by aggression which is so useful as an activator of the brains abilities when taken in right proportions but so destructive in large ones. Century of scientific and technological progress, centuries of seems to me that the key to the transfer from century of blood to the century of prospery is hidden under several physical layers of protection in the surface and inside of the human brain. Our century now we live in brought many valuable discoveries to the bank of thorough knowledge about the human brain. Part of this knowledge is already adopted in medicine ,but as for upbringing and education it is still of little use. As man as member of the society still makes little profit for himself and for the society mainly because of inertness of social practices and difficulties of finding the languages common to both sociology and neurophysiology. I.e. the achievements in brain work patterns study are hard to translate from the language of neurophysiology into terms acceptable for upbringing and education.

Let's try to make it clear, if we are on our way to the mystical wisdom of "Shambhala" and if we are, how far have we progressed? The only reliable way to the necessary and sufficient wisdom in relationships of the "person-person", "person-society",and "society-society" types, the realistic and efficient way to "Shambhala" goes through further brain work principles study.

The mankind paves it's way to this knowledge by joint efforts of neurophysiology backed by technological progress of today and tomorrow.

In remembering a fine lady and with many thanks for her uplifting thoughts and ideas  madame Nataliya Petrovna Bekhtereva.The Academia of Science Moscow.

with best wishes to you all







Mary Hofstetter

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Re: the human psycho-Biocomputer
12/4/2007 7:45:26 AM

Hi Bernd,

You have set my brain to work, but I comprehend little of what you wrote.  Can you re-word in common language in a couple of  sentences what you just so nicely wrote.


Also you wrote:

The biocomputer is the image of thought, consciously organized in the non-material space of the human brain and is able to develop and to maintain itself through energy exchange.

I am amazed that I can think about something and an image comes up.  How can we have an image of something we have never seen nor experienced?  This is not stored information that my brain can recall.

Here is an example:

In May, I was to go to Washington D.C. to do 3 weeks of volunteer work.  I pictured the office entrance and the dinning room with nothing to base that image upon.  When I arrived, the real entrance and office looked nothing like it.  The dinning room I had envisioned as elegant and large with beautiful  carved walls and that was nothing like it at all.

Now, I have  2 memories in my brain.  The first is my created image (fantasy) and the second in the real  image of what I experienced. The brain stored both images as if they are real.


Re: the human psycho-Biocomputer
12/4/2007 10:47:14 AM

Hi Mary,

Sorry for my use of uncommon language expressions, that's the way I'm trained. Of course I'll give it a try, to break up my writings into digestible pieces.  Our brain is a funny and ambidextrous (sneaky) 3 pound organ. Which has an ability to form pictures of anything we can think of. With an restriction, most of us don't know about, but this is very important to realize. The subconscious mind cannot distinct between reality and fantasy.For the subconscious mind it doesn't  matter, every experience we ever have, had or even imagined in future are simple energy patterns, which are stored and creating new paths in our neural network. This is maintaining itself through energy exchange. For everything mankind has ever created a thought, vision or an example was first. We just express or duplicate what's up in our little minds.

Consciously we use our five senses, subsconciously we are able to use more. If we day-dream or have fantasies, at the immediate moment we are able to sense all emotions involved within micro seconds. Many hormones and proteins are released in our bodies after one thought is created. So, on the many levels our brains are active we have only a small part  to receive and work with the realties in our daily life.

Energy exchange takes place every moment we live. For example we cannot see any picture. We receive light frequencies with our eyes or bodies and our brains does do the translation. We receive sound frequencies and our brain gives it a recognition, just by looking for the frequency we have stored and than we know, if some body is calling or danger is coming up our direction.

I hope this will for the moment do je job

Best wishes Bernd




Larry Blethen

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Re: the human psycho-Biocomputer
12/5/2007 3:33:35 AM
hello brain is overworked now...thank you for sharing...Larry
Larry Blethen, 304-369-5603
Re: the human psycho-Biocomputer
12/5/2007 4:26:11 AM

Oh goodness me,

dear Larry stay relaxed, all soup is eaten half the temperature as it is cooked. We just started to read the very beginning, if I can be of any specific help or if you have any questions which comes up in your busy mind please don't hesitate to ask.

If my writings are the ignition to change the thinking behavior of a few readers, this would be great.

So please come to the forum regularly read, ask and wonder.

Thank you Larry


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