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Re: The missing link
12/24/2007 9:52:15 AM

Hi Bernd,

I read with great interest about the hyperbaric chamber. I recall reading in the past about different experiments with "chambers" that I'm assuming are similar to yours that claimed to have a high success rate with different ailments.

What impresses me most about you is your desire to help others with your work and knowledge. I just sent your post to a very good friend of mine who I think will find it very interesting.

Keep on being the very special person that you are Bernd. I don't often say this but I am truly honored to have a friend like you.

Happy Holidays & Shalom,


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Peter Fogel
Babylon 7
Re: The missing link
12/24/2007 12:08:04 PM

Hi Peter,

Again I have to thank you for the kind words, but we all take our part to care, everybody is performing it in his own way. And therefore in the end we will have established at least little positive changes in the world we live in. As I see and read almost daily a group of adlanders and special friends doing their utmost best to help and to coach. That is all what matters, friends have to be friends.

Have a nice Christmas



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