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Sue Dietrich

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Garthering Friends
11/10/2007 3:01:38 PM
Lets get busy Get our customers to come to us. Any ideas lets hear it. keep Smiling Sue :)
Carla Carey

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Re: Garthering Friends
11/10/2007 4:22:27 PM

HI Sue,
This is a good idea ! We have to have something they need to help them and of course CMU7 does that. Everyone is out to make money and alot of people have failed at that. If we can help them succeed then they will probably come our way.
Thanks again for the forum!
Carla :)
Glad to make your acquaintance! Carla Carey
Lisa Simpkins

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Re: Garthering Friends
11/10/2007 5:58:44 PM

Hello Sue,

We are trainers and mentors that will help you become successful online no matter what business you are in.


We are free and if you join the 4x7 matrix you can earn even as a free member.


Join us at CMU7 we are meeting in the conference room every Monday Tuesday & Wednesday night at 8:00 pm. Eastern time.

Come share your ideas, and learn from the experts at Cmu7.


Conference Room: .exe


 Hope to see you there!


Team Leader,

Lisa Simpkins




Re: Garthering Friends
11/10/2007 6:22:16 PM

Great job Sue keep up the good work.

Beryl Payton

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Re: Garthering Friends
11/11/2007 3:18:19 AM

Hi Sue,

Fantastic idea.  I have received nothing but a lot of awesome help since joining CMU7.  One of the best choices I have made yet.  You and others have been so supportive.  I even got to converse personally with Beef there in the conference room.  Loved it, I am so impressed. 

I'd like to invite anyone who has not joined as of yet, to click the link below and join .  We'd love to have you.




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