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Kevin Doolittle

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Re: Once there was a Man.....
9/25/2007 9:27:35 AM

Thank you Gabrielle,

I really believe that God can make the very best out of any situation no matter how bleak or unfitting it may seem!



"Helping others, to help others"

Re: Once there was a Man.....
9/25/2007 12:48:04 PM


     And so true. If you really think about it and sit back and watch the events in your day to day life you can see that very thing happening over and over again.

     You really gotta teach me how to do that stuff the pictures are incredible and really drive the point.  Thanks for the sunshine.     Tom Stanley

Thomas Stanley
Re: Once there was a Man.....
9/25/2007 1:55:20 PM


Hello, Gabrielle ~~

What spectacular pictures and profound message!

This little story reminded me immediately of that old adage that goes, "When God gives you lemons, make lemonade!!


May God bless you and keep you all the days of your life.


Re: Once there was a Man.....
9/25/2007 3:00:25 PM

Hi, Gaby,

The pictures are simply gorgeous, and the story that goes with  it is just as  pretty!

It's a wonderful feeling to know that the Lord is always there, and will always take care of all our needs - - maybe not in the way we WANT them to be handled, but  in His own way!  When I  pray, if I have a big problem that needs to be taken care of, I always try to remember to say, "Lord, this problem is bigger than me, so You will have to handle it  in Your own way."   That way, I know it will be handled correctly!

Thanks again for the pictures!



Judy Smith

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Re: Once there was a Man.....
9/25/2007 4:20:20 PM

Hi Gaby,

That was beautiful.  It's an all in due time story, a patience is a virtue story, etc. 

Weneed such touching reminders of how much God will provide for us!!




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