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The Catalytic Converter On Your Car ... What Can Cause It Damage?
9/17/2007 5:21:59 AM
The Catalytic Converter is a part installed in the exhaust system of your car. It is for air quality control.

Catalytic Converters are expensive and should last a long time. What would cause premature failure of one.

"A catalytic converter relies on receiving the proper mix of exhaust gases at the proper temperature. Some engine oil additives or engine problems that cause the mixture or the temperature of the exhaust gases to change reduce the effectiveness and life of the catalytic converter. Leaded gasoline and the over-use of fuel additives can shorten the life of a catalytic converter considerably. Even some gasket sealers and cements can poison a converter."


What could happen when a converter fails?

"When catalytic converters fail they normally clog up with debris and block the flow of exhaust gas from getting out of the system. This will cause tremendous performance problems. In extreme cases it will prevent the vehicle from starting at all. Most of the time it just limits engine performance by choking the flow through the engine."

An example of costs:

For vehicle:  2000 DODGE RAM 2500 PICKUP V8 5.9 Liter FI

Part No.
Maremont Catalytic Converter
Direct/Semi-Direct Fit Converters: Except California Emissions; 119" & 135" W.B.; Z Eng. In 5.2 L & 5.9 L; Engine Code Is 8th Digit Of V.I.N. Located On Driver's Side Of Dashboard.
Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty

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Now, we are not adding labor for installation and we haven't looked into any engine damage yet from a failed converter.

So, converter damage can get very costly. So be careful what you add to your gas tank.

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Re: The Catalytic Converter On Your Car ... What Can Cause It Damage?
9/17/2007 8:30:35 AM

Thanks for some important information, Ken.  Automobiles and their repair and replacement are not inexpensive.  Damage to these hi-tech systems can cost a lot more than the days of old.  When you could probably do the repairs yourself, as we did back home in the country. 

Today I don't even change my own oil because it cheaper to pull in and have it done.  Plus disposing of the old oil has to be considered.  We did a lot of bad things to the enviroment, years ago that we can not continue doing today. 

If we expect this earth to be habitable for our Great Grandkids, and that is who I am most concerned about in the long term future.  What kind of world will we leave for them?  have been good caretakers?  i know I have issues here and I am sure most folks would.

It makes you wonder.. " What kind of caretaker have I been and what can I do to become better? "  We all have to address this with ourselves and our families and try to do better, with what time we have left to do it in.

Thanks Ken,



May Wisdom and the knowledge you gained go with you,

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