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Jenny SJ

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Re: Warning Letter to Internet Marketers on Fuel Saving Products From The FTC
8/21/2007 2:10:06 PM
Hi Kenneth

I must concur with Marilyn.  The fat that everyone gets paid for a while is not necessarily the only criterioa for joining a business op.

there are the questions of

1.  Good product with porrof of quality and demand

2.. Good leadership with proven track record

3.  Good compensation plan that benefits all members and complies with all necessarylegislation

4.  Financially well backed company  debt free.and legal

I personally not want to join UBIEE as there is no proof that these fuel saving pills really work - tests so far have shown that people who use them modify their driving style to a more fuel saving style when they use them.  They are not generally available through normal retail outlets.  This is not the case with theproducts sold by other networking companies - they all have non networking companies as competetitors.

I have yet to see any car manufacturer or engineering group come out in support of these products.

The UBIEE website both .com and are registered in spain through a private limited company.  Our law on network marketing  are regretably very lax still.

It is a question of keeping an open mind and doing constant due dilgence. Time will tell.

Thanks for the information.

Sharon Lee

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Re: Warning Letter to Internet Marketers on Fuel Saving Products From The FTC
8/21/2007 2:54:00 PM

OK,, Here we go yet again. Although there ARE Fuel scams out there..UBIEE Is Not one of them. So WHY,,When someone post about gas additives,,They assume its Ubiee???

There is NOTHING In Kenneth's Post that says "UBIEE"!! Is There?? I demand that these post containing Ubiee be deleted. This is vendictive and harmful for NO Factual Reason but to Hurt people here in Adlandpro.

SHOW Me just ONE Legal Consumer report. ONE Federal report. ONE "Reputable" New's report AGAINST Ubiee!!! PLEASE.. I want to see. I can't find them!!!!!!!!!

LOOK at the facts everyone. Ubiee is a legit business with sponsorship back ups and Proven facts with Reviews in Top magazines and FACTS. LOOK before you assume.

I do not care WHO or WHO DOES NOT Sign up for Ubiee. I have done my Homework,,I am dedicated to the project and in reality,,I have not made any MONEY as I am reinvesting everything for the project.

Let me ask you something.... When Dry gas came out..Did anyone call that a scam??? Its a multi Billion Product now,,,Isnt it?? But research show's that the guy who invented it,,Had a terrible time marketing it. He DID NOT Quit because of peoples insinuendas. IF computer marketing was there at that time,,You guys would have KILLED a dream. And its a Dream to market the Ubiee Pill. It has been for a LONG TIME and its a matter of time before the word spreads and this is The Next Multi Million Product.

There are gas pill scams on the net, But after a thorough investigation,,,I Find and BACK UP that The Ubiee pill is NOT one of them. It is a shame that there are mimic web masters and copycats on line that are only out to ruin a good project.

If you search goggle on Dr. Michael and/or Ubiee Pill. You will not find anything that pertains to Dr. Michael and a scam. What you WILL See is a Man, trying very hard to get this word out and save our environment for a long time. For almost 15 Years to be exact.

A search of the Better business Buro also does not show any wrong doings on Dr. Michael. In FACT,, It show's the Enviro Pill (Ubiee pill) is used by many truckers and race car drivers across the world with much success. The Ubiee project is also backed up with a $10.000 guarantee by the manufacture.

Comparative tests conducted and certified by The Engineering Society for Advanced Mobility Land, Sear, Air and Space; S.A.E. International (900154) and Technical Vehicle Information Board, Germany (T.U.V.), documented that usage of the UBiee Power Pill Fe-3:

- Increased fuel economy
- Reduced emissions
- Reduced carbon deposits
- Decreased octane requirements
- Improved engine performance
- Reduced valve seat recession

The test results translate into substantial savings for all gasoline and diesel fuel consumers.

It is used everyday already and has been proven to.........

- Reduced harmful carbon monoxide exhaust emissions by 78%
- Reduced smoke pollutants by 73%
- Reduced hydrocarbon emissions by 23%

The UBiee Power pill Fe-3 is made of non-toxic, all natural formulation, with 100% active ingredients, as its improved fuel combustion empowers engines to burn cleanly with absolutely no residue left.

I find it very strange that Nobody cared about this until I started to market it. Georgios has been happily going along with this project and now Sharon is involved,,And you all go CooCoo!!!

And Kenneth,, I am suprized that you are gulipping all of this after what I went through with Joe B. Yesterday. As you see today,, He has taken down Every single word that he posted.

I DO NOT Promote anything that I DO NOT 100% Back Up! Period. I am sick of defending me for the last 2 days and everyone is taking time out of MY TIME and the people who are posting are only people who do not like me or Georgios anyway. These people have been in trouble on Alp before and are heading there right now again as we speak. I will make sure of this.

Peace, Sharon

Re: Warning Letter to Internet Marketers on Fuel Saving Products From The FTC
8/21/2007 3:13:19 PM
Greetings Everyone, Gary and Janice Hawkins of Lewiston, Idaho wanted to Thank Kenneth for sharing this with us. As you can probably gather the United States of America Federal Trade Commission Washington D.C. is a typical Government entity which brings to mind a story about a section of fence that needed replaced at the White House in Washington DC!!! So the DC Government took three bids to be legal. The first bidder was from Idaho. The bidder got out his measure tape and took all kinds of measurements and did allot of writing and came up with his bid or $700.00. So the DC Government man asked him, "How did you arrive at that bid?" The Idahodian said,"Well sir!" I figure it will take $400 in materials and $200 for my crew for labor and $100 profit for me. So there it is $700.00 So the DC man said okay we will put your bid on file. The Second bidder was from Texas and he did his measuring and figuring and he came up with his bid. When the Dc man asked him to explain his bid. The Texan said well sir! After carefully looking everything over I figure it will cost about $400 in materials and $250 for my crew for labor because everyone knows us Texans do better work than any other labors and $150 profit for me so that is a total bid of $800.00 The Third Bidder was a bidder from Washington DC Contractor as well. He didn't do any measuring at all nor did he do any figuring at all either? He simply leaned over to The other DC man and quietly said I'll do it for $2700.00 The other DC man looked at him and said,"how did you arrive at that? You never did any measuring at all nor did you do any figuring at all either? So tell me, Why is your bid so much?" The third Bidder said," Well I figure it this way! That is a $1000 for you and a $1000 for me and I'll subcontract that man from Idaho to do it for his $700.00? The Washington DC Government man said...Done! Everything just about dealing with our Government at work works like this joke now doesn't it? *********************************************************** As for improving you mileage one must understand what you are dealing with? I'm 58 years old about two years ago, for the first time in my life, I found out that all engines in our vehicle's are called NORMAL even though they only burn up to 85% of all the fuel we purchase? The other 15% goes right out our exhaust pipes as unburned fuel or vehicle pollution. But our Government calls this NORMAL???? How many people knows how hard it is to get a US Patent? Janice and I have been using a US Patented Fuel Catalyst called Enviro-Max Plus for just over a year and a half now with great results. You see it actually enables your engine to burn up to 98% of all that same fuel you have been purchasing all your life... The product claims mileage increases of up to 35% and a decrease in your vehicle's pollution by up to 80% and get this... it will extend the life of your engine by up to 50% and more plus allot of other great benefits. What caught our attention before we used this product was a short Video online that literally showed us why it does what it does shown by three time winner Stockcar Racer Johnny Rutherford. It blew us a way! Who new such a product has existed now for ten years and hardly anyone knows about it? You want to talk about results okay. Our testing ground was the highway from Lewiston, Idaho to Kuna Idaho were our kids live about 280 miles one way. Normally we were real consistent at 28 to 29 mpg in our 2003 Pontiac Vibe with it's small 4 cylinder motor and A/C and automatic transmission. After using this product as instructed we found our mileage increased not by the 35% but we have got up to 34% which got us 38.3 mps and 38.5 mpg. When you know that you are using just a half ounce per ten gallons of fuel or less than 17 cents worth per gallon and you get an increase of 10 more miles per gallon at today's fuel prices it is easy to say that we are delighted in savings of a third the cost of our fuel!!! If you are interested see for yourself all the documents on site for your viewing test and extra not to mention other testimonials as well. But best of all is watch the short video and see why yourself???? Gary and Janice Hawkins of Lewiston, Idaho are Proud Preferred Customers ID#2749701 with No joining fees either just order when you want too. When you order on line you get one (twelve) ounce bottle and two (two) ounce bottles for a total of (sixteen ounces) that will mix and make 320 gallons of fuel at just a half ounce per ten gallons of fuel and why burn the NORMAL 85% when You could burn up to 98% of all that same fuel and Save a pile Of cash in the process... We wish everyone the Best Year ever! If we are not on your friend's list please send us your invitation!!! respectfully, Gary and Janice Hawkins of Lewiston, Idaho.
Sharon Lee

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Re: Warning Letter to Internet Marketers on Fuel Saving Products From The FTC
8/21/2007 3:29:49 PM

YES!!! Thank you,,,Thank You Gary and janice. This is what everyone should be seeing.

It takes a Long time to get a patent and Market a Great Product. Thank you for a most Positive share.

I am mailing you with a invite. Thanks.


Patricia Bartch

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Re: Warning Letter to Internet Marketers on Fuel Saving Products From The FTC
8/21/2007 7:37:56 PM

OH, another Bashing thread and there's no objective evidence.  This is interesting too. One of the people signed up under my 630 group ( ) is BizzyBlogP


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