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Bruce Macomber

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Re: Free Ain't Cheap Enough for Some...
8/5/2007 8:14:24 PM
Smooth, James.

Whether you realize it or not, you just said, in essence, that Dave's free program is a waste of time.

My .02
Katheryn Haigler

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Re: Free Ain't Cheap Enough for Some...
8/5/2007 9:49:23 PM

I agree with what you said with the exception of Dave's traffic exchange.  I know that they are a waste of time if you are trying to sign people up.  If however you have a great page that you are trying to get listed with google and the search engines it works pretty good.  I only use them to raise my hits on my page and hopefully my alexis rating.

I like using the free advertising.  I make sure that I put my name and my number out there so that some mentors group or direct matches person will harvest it and call me.  I have been in both of those groups and know the average person is not making money.  I reverse sell them.  Of course that is what I learned to do in the mentors!

Adland for me is definately about the relationships.
I live in a town where the color of your skin, how well you play sports and how much money you have dictates who your friends are.  On Adland the playing field is equal,  I don't care if you are red, yellow,  or blue, totally disabled or a homeless person, you can make friends here. After making friends you can do business if you so choose.

We need to take our "free" services, decide what they can do for us if anything, use it for that purpose and head out.  I certainly will not be complaining to the owner about what his program does not do for me.

I had a young lady that wanted to be featured in my forum.  I asked for an ad, which she wrote poorly.  The ad was argumentative, words were mispelled and the grammar was horrible.  When I asked if I could proof it and change a couple of things, she told me no.  I ran her ad just as she asked and she had no responses, not even offers for friendship.  She complained in my forum that my free service wasn't worth the time she had spent preparing for it(had to have been 5 minutes).

Dave, thank you for your exchange and the time you have spent on your forums.

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Dave Cottrell

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Re: Free Ain't Cheap Enough for Some...
9/3/2007 12:04:12 AM
Hi Katheryn,

Thank you for your support and wise words!

The way that something is presented DOES make a BIG difference.

For example, while an autosurf exchange like the one I own is mainly good for getting your Alexa scores up, you can also get signups using autosurfs.

I use my own autosurf, just the same way my members do, and I constantly get signups from pages I run in the autosurf program.

The thing that people don't realize with ANY surf program is that you have to catch people's attention, and you don't have very long to do it.  Running a replicated affiliate page like 900,000 other people are doing is NOT going to get results.

If you want success on any kind of hit exchange, you have to stand out.  That applies to virtually every kind of advertising I can imagine.  If you don't stand out, you don't get noticed.

God bless,

Teresa Brock

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Re: Free Ain't Cheap Enough for Some...
9/3/2007 1:15:21 AM

Hello Dave,

I warned you that I was going to post something in your forums and here it is,

I also can't believe that people want everything, and I mean everything handed to them on a silver platter.  They don't want to work, read, listen, or help themselves.  I understand that in some businesses there is little to no training and you are just thrown out onto the big scary web with nothing more than an affiliate code and a promise of $10,000 per week starting tomorrow.  For those poor little souls my heart goes out to you because we have all been there before and it is terrible. 

But the good news is that there are those very few that are more than willing and even eager to help themselves and their families and even their communities that we keep hunting for.   Those very few are the ones that make the world dynamic and wonderful and amazing.

Just take a deep breath and shake it off like a big wet dog and lift your head up and keep moving forward.  A little prayer could not hurt either.  Ok maybe a big prayer.

Have a Wonderful Day All of You,

Teresa Brock


Arthur Webster

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Re: Free Ain't Cheap Enough for Some...
9/3/2007 3:48:05 AM

Hi, All,

Nice to see that the forum is still mumbling along.

In a recent stay at the clinic (I wasn't bad enough to be sent to hospital so I must be improving!) I spent some time talking to a guy who, as a hobby, analyses statistics.

The question of something for nothing came up and he made the following points:-

1 - Employers find it difficult to get rid of unproductive, lazy employees. These employees are getting paid for the minimal work (often just for turning up) but, because of labour protection laws, know that they are "entitled" to be paid and that the employer would probably spend more defending a wrongful dismissal case than he would if he just kept on paying.

2 - National lotteries promote the idea that you will win a fortune and that you will live the life of Riley after doing so. This actually convinces some people that they only have to "keep buying the tickets" to be financially secure.

3 - We are all aware of the dumbing down of education. The situation in many schools, today, is that excellence is a "bad" trait and that mediochrity is the level to which to aspire. That is one aspiration far too many of our young people attain.

4 - Unless you are a driver who has infringed some traffic regulation, the chances of getting caught in any other criminal activity of a "general back-ground" nature (theft, burglary, breaking and entering, extortion, mugging and so on) are pretty slim. I wonder how many young people enter a life of crime simply because others in their age group are so much, financially better off than they are.

These four factors I agreed with whole heartedly and have raised them in various forums in the past. Others he raised were a little too fanciful for my way of thinking but, simply because I thought that did not necessarily make him wrong.

Look around in society today.

How many people are living a life supported by free (benefits or the proceeds of crime) income.

How many criminals make a very good living selling stolen goods?

Isn't the internet simply reflecting life - except that people who would not normally break the law in the real world do so on the net because they simply are too greedy, stupid or roogooed to learn the difference?

The Old coot  


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