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Dave Cottrell

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Re: Free Ain't Cheap Enough for Some...
8/3/2007 11:12:46 PM
Hi Katheryn,

While I have not participated in the ABC game (I always seem to get there too late!), I do pop over and visit whenever I get a chance.

It's a GREAT idea, and a great way to unwind and let the inner child out to play.

My belief is that we all do a better job, whether it be as a professional marketer, janitor, a neurosurgeon, or whatever, if we let that inner kid out more often and have some good old fashioned fun, which what the ABC game is all about.

I'm sure your mind was working much better and clearer, and your energy level was much higher AFTER you had your fun with friends on ALP.

Have a super weekend, and make sure to have fun.

God bless,

Re: Free Ain't Cheap Enough for Some...
8/4/2007 12:18:14 AM
Hello Kathy,

No a very ethical remark for a serious networker as yourself.  The ABC game is one of the best place to be each night.  It helps you forget the trial and tribulations you have gone through the day.  I HIGHLY recommended to anyone.  The people, bar none, that plays this game are all wonderful people.  They do not try to impress each other, they are just themselves. BJ and Monica have had the best idea yet. As the old saying goes "DON'T KNOCK WHAT YOU HAVEN'T TRIED".

God Bless Everyone
Katheryn Haigler

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Re: Free Ain't Cheap Enough for Some...
8/4/2007 12:27:11 AM

Thanks for stopping by the game, I find it interesting that there are a lot on the outside (if you compare the numbers to the people that actually post)looking in.

Some people honestly find it hard to jump in and cut loose.  It is a little intimidating to jump into a group that seems to know eachother and there are some inside jokes, seriously!

The thing that I found was that I knew some of them a little but I just jumped in and posted and was instantly welcomed in by the group.  I did not know the inside jokes but it didn't matter, there were new ones every day.  No one is made fun of, ok well that is not true, let me rephrase that!  Everything is done in clean fun and never meant to hurt anyones feelings, these people like most everyone.

My husband works 60 hour weeks, hauls scrap, works on our rentals and we are active in our church.  Friday nights are the only times that he can be in on the game.  He was laughing so hard, I soooo appreciated the fun at that point, he really needed the relief!

Have a great night, welcome back and may the farce be with you!

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Bruce Macomber

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Re: Free Ain't Cheap Enough for Some...
8/4/2007 12:47:05 AM

Speaking of being active in your church......

Re: Free Ain't Cheap Enough for Some...
8/5/2007 7:55:34 PM


Is there room for two up on that Soap Box?

First I would like to commend you for providing a free advertising service, I hope that you have plenty of asprin on hand.

!2 years ago I entered the internet and began to market, using all of the free sources I could locate and even upgrading in a few of them.

The first was the FFA pages and I soon found out that if I didn't want to sit all day deleting around 5,000 emails from people trying to do the same thing I was doing I needed to back out and try something else.

Then there were the Classified Ads where you could post for free (and of course get better exposure when you upgraded) but you could never find your ad among the other 1,000's of ads.

One lady came along with the Viral Marketing where you only had to receive emails from your 7 uplines.

Next came the Rotating Ads where you could go and post an ad and watch it roll of the page every 30 seconds and sometime less, because there were 1,000's of marketers doing the same thing.

There were others, but I found that there was a catach with 90% of these "FREE" programs and that was when you advertised your "FREE" program it had several programs attached with it and you were advertising for the owner of the program.

Today, we have the "Social Marketing" programs and I participate in the Adland because I enjoy doing it.

But there is one thing I have learned and that is it is a "Seller, Selling, the Seller Game"!

Now don't take that to be a negative, because the positive is you make a lot of friends, and are able to help some of them.

I received a letter from one of my friends the other day and (they) were complaining because when they sent (Their personal advertising) out they always received a counter offer as a reply!  They should realize that that is part of the game.

For those (Wannibies) marketers that expect to build a business without investing any capital, they may want to go look for a part time job, so they will have extra money coming in.  Or they could go buy a Lotto Ticket and have as much of a chance making money as they would trying it on a free basis.


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