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Welcome To AdlandPro's 100th Person Of The Week Forum Celebration!!! Come Celebrate With Us!!!
6/24/2007 1:21:40 PM

*100th Person of the Week Celebration!!!*


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Let the Party begin!!!  8)

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Folks, we hope you are as excited as we are about this moment in the history of the POTW forum!

Here we are two years later with 100 winners of the POTW award and two winners of POTY (Person of the Year) award. It has been an awesome two years thanks to you the members of AdlandPro and to Bogdan Fiedur and his staff who make this all possible. But first let's announce this week's winner before we continue reminiscing about the past two years.


Hooray! Break out the champagne, sound the bells, set-off the fire works, and bring out the marching band. It’s time for AdlandPro’s 100th Person of the Week award! The winner of the POTW award at this momentous point in the history of program is Juliana Bond. Juliana was beginning to wonder if she would ever get a POTW award. She didn’t realize that fate had planned for her not only to get the award but to get it at a very special time in the award’s history. The special event required a special person for it and fate in all her wisdom chose Juliana for it. Folks, there times or seasons for everything in life and Juliana has gone through some really tough times but now fate has seen fit bestow on her a season of rejoicing upon her. Come celebrate with us Juliana’s POTW week and the 100th edition of the Person of the Week forum!


Here's Juliana's Bio:

I was born in a place called Wigan, in the North-West of England in 1967.

My Parents were working class and I am the middle child of five. (Aptly, I was nick-named Bah-Bah, as in Black-Sheep).

I am just 4ft 10 in tall and weigh 70lb hence  why I’m also known as ‘Pixie’.

I began writing at the age of seven. I wrote my first poem and was so in ore of the reaction from others that I soon realise I had a talent.

As a long-term carer for my disabled parents I never really took the time to take a professional look at my Writing.

I suffered a terrible thirty years and experienced things that even people twice my age cannot personally relate to!

Eventually, at the age of 33 I met my husband; he ‘rescued’ me from all evil!! He is my ‘hero’! but sadly, I also lost my dear Mother at the same time!

My husband Degs and I have seven children between us.

After I met my husband I began to ‘grow’; I developed a confidence that I had never had before!

I took up a Drama course: (London Academy of Drama and Performing Arts) I was also signed up to a modelling agency, (at that age!) I entered a beauty contest and even though I, of course, didn’t win, I felt on top of the world!

Unfortunately that budding career was cut short by my ever-failing health (I was born a Chronic Asthmatic, suffered

A damaging attack of pneumonia that has left me permanently breathless, and to top that I have been plagued by permanent lingering of drug resistant Tuberculosis!)

So it was then that I returned to my love of writing. I began to write all of the time.

I joined the Writer’s Bureau’s Creative Writing Course, I joined the Freelance Writers Association and I began to get my work published! It is the best feeling in the world for me to see my name in print!

I then embarked on my biggest project; to write an entire script of a 6 part serial/screen-play that I had had gnorring away at my brain for some time.

8 months later I had achieved what I once thought was impossible and my script was ready! I am now pleased to be able to say that Channel 4 (British TV) have hold of

My script and it wasn’t rejected!! Hurrah!! I dream of seeing my own series on TV!

I write songs/lyrics and as I can sing in tune, I have recorded my songs and have an album available at itunes.

Since then I have written and published my Children’s Books, ‘Pixie Tales’ and published a collection of my inspirational poetry in a book I called ‘Our United Voice’ which are available to purchase here:

And as you all already know 50% of the proceeds from the sale of these books will go to an excellent cause, to Fight

Against Child Abuse. As a survivor and a parent of a survivor of Abuse I feel extremely appalled and sickened by the suffering of others and feel passionately about trying to do something that would help to make a difference.

My ultimate personal goal right now is to sell a million books for a wonderful cause and help to make that difference!

I am currently working on my third ‘Pixie Tale’, a book of Poetry, My Biography (in full about my ‘horrific thirty years’ and of course, A Novel! (Well, all writers say that, when asked what they are doing now don’t they!) Lol,

I really am working on a Novel, (Women’s

Commercial Fiction)

Now poetry, poetry is my thing. The main reason that I write poetry is, because I can!

In fact, I can’t stop my-self sometimes from actually thinking in rhyme! Lol

I enjoy writing poetry immensely and only hope that my readers get as much pleasure out of reading them as I do out of writing them!

One of the best things that has happened to me in recent times is Adlandpro! I have made such wonderful friends and met such wonderful people that I would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG THANK YOU to YOU ALL for allowing me to stand up here in the ‘spotlight’ representing Adlandpro in the historical event of 100th Edition of POTW and be the subject! It is such an honour! You have made my day!


Juliana Bond

My Books

My Music

My Business

My Special Place


Folks, please take the time to congratulate Juliana on her win and please invite her to join your list of friends if she's not on it already.

Juliana, we want to scream in excitement, how about you?! Enjoy your much deserved POTW week! We here by proclaim you as this week's POTW and Queen of AdlandPro!  :-)


Ok Folks, go post your congrats and then come back to read the rest of this. And let the celebrating start!

Now a word from my forum partner, Pauline Raina!:

Dear friends

It gives me great pleasure, as present partner of the forum, to bring to you our Celebration Forum to commemorate the 100th edition of the PERSON OF THE WEEK AWARD !

The ‘PERSON OF THE WEEK’ Award  sure has come a long way since the time of its inception. Here is a little insight into what the POTW is all about.

The Person Of The Week [POTW]  Award is the brain child of  our Goodwill Ambassador JOHN SANCHEZ, and became an Adlandpro event with the esteemed support of none other than the CEO of Adlandpro  BOGDAN FIEDUR himself, thank you Bogdan.! Since then it has grown to be one of the best forums in the community. Week after week bringing into focus one special member of the community to be honored. When asked about what was it, that inspired him to want to do the ‘POTW’ this is what John had to say….


I started the Person of the Week forum with the help of Kathy Hamilton to honor members who were active and who were a positive influence in the community. The forum was a big success from the start so Bogdan Fiedur decided to post the winners on the front page of AdlandPro which added to its’ popularity. We’ve had a lot of awesome moments in the POTW forum in these past two years. Some folks have been really blessed by the experience. It’s a really uplifting event, to the point of even bringing some winners to tears because of community’s outpouring of goodwill towards them in their week of fame and honor. It has been a big blessing to me also because it has brought me a lot of joy to see these people changed because of it. Some people have written me after their POTW experience to tell me how it has give them self-esteem and confidence. Others have thanked me for all the free publicity they received from it and others for all the new friends they made from the experience. All in all, it’s a great experience I hope everyone gets to be a part of some day.


To help him make it a success, John has had 3 lovely  ladies over a period of time, to  help him as ‘Forum Partners’…here  is what they had to say when asked to comment on this occasion.

Kathy Hamilton

Hello John and Pauline,
Wow, can you believe it  has already been 100th edition.
This is a very exciting time. through the last 2 years, At first John Sanchez and I developed this Person of the week forum to feature our friends and their businesses.
As time went on and we learned more of what we wanted and dreamed the Person of the week forum would be, John and I implemented different things into the criteria of what it meant and why we chose the people we did for this honor.
As time went on there were many changes and also different Partners working with John.

Each person who was John's Partner had amazing special qualities that were needed to make the Person of the week forum so special.
Each of his Partners brought new ideas and a new perspective to The person of the week forum.
It has been a forum that has had much talent and much dedication brought to it.
With out all of us only caring about how we can make and share in this amazing forum and to bring Adlandpro into becoming the best community on the Internet. With out each person participating this forum would not still be here.
John Sanchez should be congratulated for all his hard work and dedication for continueing it for so long.
Now we have Pauline who is now John's Partner, Pauline there are no words to describe how amazing you have
helped to make this POTW  forum so unbelievably beautiful.
Thank you for all you do. Thank you John as well.
It is amazing to have life long friends.
Kathy Hamilton


 I worked in the POTW forum along time and brought friends to the forum because John Sanchez and I have been close friends for awhile now and I wanted his POTW forum to be successful. John has special qualities of leadership and dedication to all. Also, friends who have won the POTW award, report that it is a very positive experience for them to win.


Drª Venerina Conti

Dr Venerina Conti was not available for comment.

If you go to our archives, you will see that each of these lovely ladies brought their own something special to the forum, and helped John take it one step higher. Our heartfelt thanks to the 3 of them, for their invaluable contributions! God Bless you ladies you are special !!  It is an honor for me to be Johns current partner, and help him keep the good work and Goodwill flowing.

However, it’s not all of the above alone, that contributed to the success of the POTW awards, for without the support of all our faithful community members, we would not be where we are today. We have had some very  faithful and enthusiastic  members supporting us all along the way, and its this support and love that we experience that keeps us wanting to serve you week after week after week !

Thank you Bogdan Feidur for supporting the forum wholehearted, making it all the more special. Thank you, to all our community members, for standing by us all the way, and we look forward to growing with you! Let’s see how far we can take this, after all we’ve hit a century already J  so now without further ado let the celebrations begin! J

Collage by Joelees

Click on Joelees' Collage or click here to see the video our friend Georgios has created for the 100 POTW celebration!  8)


Love and Blessings to all of you from,


John Sanchez and Pauline Raina



Folks, please go vote for POTW number 101 at the forum below:

Pauline Raina

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Re: Welcome To AdlandPro's 100th Person Of The Week Forum Celebration!!! Come Celebrate With Us!!!
6/24/2007 1:25:39 PM


Enjoy your time as our queen, we luv n appreciate you
many blessings

Pauline R
La Nell !

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Re: Welcome To AdlandPro's 100th Person Of The Week Forum Celebration!!! Come Celebrate With Us!!!
6/24/2007 1:30:27 PM

Hi Pauline & John, :-) Congrats to Queen Juliana!!! You are a very special friend in this community. lol, LaNell                                                       

Pauline Raina

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Re: Welcome To AdlandPro's 100th Person Of The Week Forum Celebration!!! Come Celebrate With Us!!!
6/24/2007 1:44:14 PM
Hi Juliana,

had to come back and say it with flowers !!!


much luv

Pauline R
Nan Herring

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Re: Welcome To AdlandPro's 100th Person Of The Week Forum Celebration!!! Come Celebrate With Us!!!
6/24/2007 1:52:03 PM

This is wonderful.
Lets get this party rocking.

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