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Are You Giblinked yet?
11/23/2007 11:08:23 AM

Imagine if you could have joined MySpace, YouTube or Google when they started and shared in their revenue. You can do just that with GibLink. GibLink is on target to be the next MySpace, YouTube, Google and more, all in one. They have added a lucrative Revenue Sharing Program called the GibLine.

Whether you are making money online already, have never made money online despite trying to, or are a newbie - GibLink is a huge financial opportunity that absolutely anyone can participate in. It is something you can join knowing you WILL get paid.

To give you an idea of how much money you will be making…by the time Pro members have reached the 5th line in the GibLine, they will have been paid $10,600 (without referring a single person), plus they will have $9,300 worth of pods cycling in the gibLine. In the first week after GibLink launched (15 Oct), they paid out around 1 million dollars to 20,000+ members.

The gibLine is ONE line where everyone who joins after you is under you. A number of big recruiters have jumped on board and they are bringing in hundreds of new members. In fact, 700-1000+ are joining every day. Do you know Jane Marks from AdDepot, 1 Minute Ads etc? She made over $4000 when this launched because of how many new members she recruited. And she isn't the only one doing this.

Just briefly, the gibLine is like a row of ladders. Everyone joins at the bottom of the first ladder (gibLine 1). They go up the ladder and get pushed off the top, then they enter back in at the bottom of that ladder and get pushed off the top again. Then they enter the bottom of the second ladder (gibLine 2) and go up twice, then enter the bottom of the third ladder and go up twice etc. Every time 5 pods (positions) enter the bottom of the first ladder, the pod at the top cycles. That doesn't equate to 5 people. Pro members purchase 3 pods, and most people are joining Pro because it's so much more lucrative than Standard membership (1 pod).

The gibLine will never stall because when members enter the bottom of the ladder again, new pods are actually entering the gibLine, which pushes your pods up the ladder. Also, when members renew every 90 days, new pods enter, pushing your pods up the ladder. This, and new members joining, creates a constant flow of pods through the gibLine.

Pro membership is the best option because you don’t need to recruit or do anything. Just joining will make you money. Standard members need to refer 2 people, however they will still make money cycling around gibLine 1 until they have referred the required 2, which enables them to continue to the gibLine 2 and beyond.

If you choose to recruit, you will make $5 for every Standard member and $15 for every Pro member. You will also get paid 100% of the cycling bonus your referrals' first pod makes every time it cycles. That is huge.

I’ve been working online for nearly 2 years, and this is the best financial opportunity I’ve seen in that time.

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Come on can't beat join it!

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