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Dee Hudson

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Re: Remembering My Dad
3/29/2007 12:54:04 PM
Hello Florence

Better late than never, Its good to see you here, Laura is very talented indeed. I am trying to get her to join the community to make friends here, We will see .

Take care because I care

Mary Zuefle

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Re: Remembering My Dad
7/13/2007 4:39:00 PM
Hello Dee... I am sorry for your sisters grief. I just lost my Daddy less than 2 months ago. There are days that I think of him and smile and days I think of him and cry, I miss him terribly. My time with my Daddy was very special and he has impacted my life immensely. His love and dedication flow through me as if he were standing next to me! He was my best friend, and now he is watching from a distance, he will not leave you behind. He has a job to do as well in his after life. Let her know that she should let him take care of her now. That is his job now. Besides he missed someone that was there waiting for him. I hope it helps. God Bless! Mary Ann
To your success, Mary Ann

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