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Your just spamming my forum.....
2/27/2007 9:25:40 PM
Hi Friends, I'm a little P'd off with people who continue to post a new thread all about their business or whatever they are pushing. With no regard of what the forum subject maybe. Have people become so rude that asking permission from the forum owner is just too hard. I thought it was just polite!! Tell me what you think of these people ....... OR am I just over-reacting? Hope your all having a great day! Leanne Busby My Sites! My Forums Great Jokes
Kathy Kanouse

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Re: Your just spamming my forum.....
2/27/2007 9:32:02 PM
I'm not quite sure which forum & such you are refering too. I would think we are all polite enough to ask. It might be newbies too that are not sure about networking just yet & are learning how. But without knowing all the details I will remain mute on this one.
Try to have a great evening.
Keep your head up  :)
Kathy K
Bill Brown

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Re: Your just spamming my forum.....
2/28/2007 2:11:23 AM

Hi Leanne,

I would recommend you do what I did and make your forum post moderated. May I draw your attention to this thread.

I got totally sick and tired of the ignorant actions of some members.

As to your request "Tell me what you think of these people"  I am afraid what I would like to say is not printable in Adland.

In Responce to Kathy.

Newbies?  No for the most part its ignorant rude couldnt care less  idiots. I have deleted spamvertising posts from my forum from members that have been here as long as two years. It was a member of about 6 months that finally p'ed me off and I said enough is enough that posted no less than 3 ads in the space of about 10 minutes despite the fact that It says at the top of my forum only ads in sig files. 

LaChelle Farmer

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Re: Your just spamming my forum.....
2/28/2007 5:21:19 AM

Hi Leanne;I am not sure to whom you or what form you are talking about? all I know is I will not search anyone unless they ask me to because I fell that it is spamming or imposing on them,Let me explaine when someone ask us to visit their site and they go their the fist thing I have noticed is that they will click on my email address on my website and when I open the message it will read something like you asked for this information about a free membership and I have not or they will type something like stop working from pay check to pay check this is better,and its going to my main email and I can't send mail if I am reading mail or they will send me an email that says this is not spam and it only happens when I send email through adland and that just makes me mad. most of the time back to back I will get the same email and i didn't click send me and email at the top of the form when someone replys to some post. Thanks for the invite and I hope this helps you to understand what is happening. Your friend chelle

Jenny SJ

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Re: Your just spamming my forum.....
2/28/2007 9:44:37 AM
Hi Leanne

I partly agree with Kathy - miscellaneous threads often get posted on your forum by newbies who dont realise that none will be notified except the forum owner.  When that happenens, I usually write back to then and suggest that they move to an appropriate category where it will be seen.  If they take no notice afterwoards - then I delete it.

When this happens with not so newbies - well then it is a different matter and I usually copy and paste their post and send it with the deletion note.

When, however, it is an on topic thread (as can well happen on the my forum in the Arts and Crafts Category on How to advertise and sell your work) then I will speak to them, explain the notification system and probably send out a notification myself to the forum members.

It is all a question of degree.  Though I agree with you that a lot of this forum "spamming" is perpetrated by other members who simply have no forum manners!



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