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Re: Pass The Butter ~~~~This is interesting
2/18/2007 11:28:08 PM
Hello Leonard,

I just wanted to drop by and say hello. I have know that butter is the healthier choice for quiet some time and am a litlle old fashioned in the way I choose and prepare foods. If you think about it many people store their butter of margerine on a plate in the cupboard. (So their cat won't eat it! LOL) Normally I find that the butter will be nearly liquid at body temperature where as the margarine is nearly solid. Looking at that alone it is obvious that the margarine would clog our arteries much easier than the butter.

Now as for the chloresterol problem I believe that it is more a question of the gene pool rather than the products that will determine whether one will have a problem. I use butter, love steak and eggs and all those nasty high in the bad stuff types of foods. Eating in moderation I find that my chloresterol is quite low and my doctor wanted to know what types of food I eat.

To your health and for those in this forum Best of luck and in good health.

Rick Martin
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