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Re: THE SECRET has been reposted on MySpace!
1/20/2007 12:09:10 PM

Thanks Brian,

my husband and I just watched it. It was amazing. I am off to get my gratitude rock, create my vision board and make a list of the things I am grateful for. Unknowingly in my mind I always thought my husband would not sit to watch this with me. So, I stopped thinking about it. When I received this invitation I simply asked him with no thought of him saying no, and he said yes. I focused on yes , hence we watched it and enjoyed it.

I plan to watch it again.

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Re: THE SECRET has been reposted on MySpace!
1/20/2007 1:37:13 PM
Hi Brian,

This is such great news!

The more people that watch this awesome movie, the more we can empower people "one person at a time."  :-)

Thanks for alwasy being such a bright light and always on top of things!

Hugs,  Jill
Ed Lawton

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Re: THE SECRET has been reposted on MySpace!
1/20/2007 11:04:45 PM
I have watched  "The Secret" in full here on the internet. I advise everyone who has not seen it to get some popcorn and watch it.  It's a definite must see!

Take care,

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Re: THE SECRET has been reposted on MySpace!
1/22/2007 11:16:29 AM
Hi Roger!  :-)

I would say that with you being in the UK......the best place for you to purchase THE SECRET DVD set is  (this is the movie's Director,  Drew Hariot's website)  He also has other merchandise there as well.  Pretty kool stuff!

CLICK HERE to purchase from DrewPictures.

Hope you're having a great week my friend!  :-)

~ Drummerboy Keep on thinking positive…..thank God for everything that’s good in your life……..and make it a great week!

Re: THE SECRET has been reposted on MySpace!
1/22/2007 12:01:09 PM

Brian.. When I watched this for the first time.. it was totally amazing to me and very very powerful to my lifestyles now..  I can't believe how much a positive role can play such strength to ones life..

Also.. I was on a coorprate call with Isagenix over the weekend.. and there is a great book out there called, " The Great Little Book of Afformations". Author is Noah St. John. He speaks on how to get the answer to questions...  Very awesome meeting with him , and he put it all into perspective..

EG. AfFIRMation is you are making the question or answer FIRM in your mind... AfFORMation is when you are forming the question in your brain... If we ask ouselves a question... the brain will automatically start searching for an answer to that question..  If we ask ourselves... Why am I Rich>?  the brain will start to search for that question.. and one day become reality cause you have told youself that and now found the answer.. If we think positive, yes.. positive will follow and become in our daily lives...

Anyways.. it is a Great Book.. I strongly reccomend that to all of you here.. and another one.. is Rich Dad, Poor Dad.. another VERY strong book to read...

Thanks.. Great forum you have here Brian.. hope this finds you well...



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