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Bill Brown

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WOW!!! I still can't believe it...
10/18/2006 6:25:17 PM

5 days ago when I ran Link Popularity checker I thought we were doing pretty good  as it showed us that on the 9 search engines we monitor had just over 13,000 links to Prizes4pixels.

Nothing could have prepared us for the shock we got when I ran LPC again yesterday, and I mean nothing.

As usual I was doing routine checks to see how we were doing  and I opened up LPC and started it running then moved on to the next job on my list while I let it do its thing. It only takes a couple of minutes but I like to progress rather than waste time watching it.

Well anyway I finished that task and went back to  see what the results of the LCP check was.

I looked and said said to myself that can't be right something must have messed up. So I ran it again but this time I watched it. When it reported it was finished I looked at the results again. Still in a state of disbelief saying to my self no that is impossible.

I closed the program out and went into the file that stores what engines to search and checked it against the backup copy. Result both identical.

So I started up LPC again and told it to update the site again (remember this is now the third time) and when it finished it said the same again and again I could not believe it.

I have run the checks again today and they are still  more or less the same (remember the number of links change regularly so you will rarely get the same identical results when running link popularity checks)

We have been seeing a steady increas of between 100 and 500 every so often so you will fully understand my reaction whe I tell you we now have  just over 23,000 total links from the 9 search engines.

That is a massive increase of  10,000  in JUST 5 DAYS.

I think you will agree results like this would make anyone that sees such a dramatic increase check and tripple check.

So what in blue blazes did we do?

Well all we did was increase the frequency of use of the tools we have been using. Instead of using them once a week as we had been doing, last month we started using them  2 or 3 times a week and the results are now coming in.

Are you getting results like this? 

You will find the tools we use at


PS While you are there why not check out our advertising rates.


Re: WOW!!! I still can't believe it...
10/18/2006 6:58:52 PM
Thank you for the information, Bill. I will take a look at the tools you are using, sound like it is working great!! Also, I will send you a PM on how to invite friends :) Happy Advertising! Crystal
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Nan Herring

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Re: WOW!!! I still can't believe it...
10/19/2006 12:34:41 AM
hi bill,
your site is great, and you are doing a fine jod here at alp. hee up the good work.
Georgios Paraskevopoulos

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Re: WOW!!! I still can't believe it...
10/19/2006 5:19:40 AM

Hello Bill,

Thank you for the invitation to be friends and thank you for sharing this nice information. You seems to know how things work on internet and be sure I will be a good visitor in your forums.

Kindly Regards, Georgios 

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Larry Blethen

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Re: WOW!!! I still can't believe it...
10/19/2006 10:16:36 AM
hello Bill  thanks for the list of tools...I will be checking them website has a Google page rank of 5...Larry
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