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Wanna Go Phishin
9/14/2006 7:43:17 AM
Hi Friends, You can go fishing, or you can go phishing. In this case spelling does count. In the first you hope to land a big one, in the second you hope to land a really big one. Did PT Barnum have it right, there is there a “sucker” born every minute? Or is it the computer and the Internet that make an otherwise sane person act like an idiot? Phishing is just another method of identity theft, typically performed either through email or through the creation of a Web site that appears to represent a legitimate company. Most people who have been on the Internet for awhile, are becoming a little more sophisticated, and are not falling for the traditional scams. When they get email from multiple banks, credit unions or one from ebay stating that their account has been compromised, they realize what is going on, and quickly hit the delete key. Those new to the Internet may not realize this, and do fall victim to them. But, step back Jack. There is a whole new breed of people trying to separate you from your money, and they are coming up with some new wrinkles that even the more sophisticated could easily fall prey to. Blogging has become an institution. Some Blogs are there for one purpose, and only one purpose – to collect email addresses of people with like interests. The same scamsters that run the Blog, also create a business that caters to those people. Example – Blogs on Bush - both for and against. A popular item among “Bush Bashers” is the Backwards Bush Desk Clock that shows the time he has remaining in office. It retails for $18.99 plus shipping and handling. The phisher sends out an email berating Bush and the Republican Party in general, and offers to give this clock away for just the cost of shipping at $4.95 – wow what a deal you might think. You are directed to a web site to pay with your credit card. On the site you see a wide array of other “Anti-Bush” products for ridiculously low prices. The site of course is a phony created under a fictitious name (usually offshore) and has nothing to sell. It does have a secure web page where you can pay for your purchase, and you receive an automatically generated email saying your product will be delivered in 4 to 6 weeks. They of course are hoping that you will forget that you ordered it. You write to the email address on the web site and receive an email saying it must have been lost in shipment, but it will be sent again, and you should receive it in 4 to 6 weeks. They keep this up until you give up and write off the $4.95 to experience. But wait – the phisher has your credit card number, its’ date of expiration and the 3 digit code on the back of the card. They keep a record of the expiration dates and shortly before the cards’ expiration date, the information is sold to various and sundry “lowlifes” who quickly max out your card, and are never to be seen again. You don’t realize this until you receive your next credit card statement, or if you are denied credit. At this point, you are facing a world of hurt. A year or so could have passed since you tried to buy the clock, and you have probably forgotten all about it. The purchases made using your card are usually sent offshore. A weeks vacation in a third world country such as Costa Rica, where they don’t require other identification can be costly. While the fraud division of some credit card companies will contact you if they see a large purchase, there are many who don’t, and you can bet that the phishers know the ones that don’t. There is a bottom line here. While doing business on the Internet is convenient and normally safe, don’t be sucked into something as the result of an unsolicited email. Before parting with that information, be sure you have contact information with the person or company you are buying from and check it out. Otherwise that phisher may have just landed another “big one.” --wise words from Bob Osgoodby Be Carefull and do your research!! Thanks Leanne Busby Great Jokes HOW TO....Add your program,biz or resources.
Kathy Kanouse

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Re: Wanna Go Phishin
9/14/2006 9:29:41 AM
You are absolutely correct. We must all be careful Online. Lets not be the next BIG one that they catch.
Thanks Leanne
Re: Wanna Go Phishin
9/15/2006 5:25:41 AM
Hi Kathy, So good you could post,hope your having a great day! Be good to see a few more of my 550 friends post occasionally! Thanks Leanne Busby
LaChelle Farmer

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Re: Wanna Go Phishin
9/23/2006 6:34:34 PM

Dear; Kathy

I hear what you are saying. but it is not always online that you can

get rip off. When your own bank rips you off and build a new office or two

it just makes you that much more mad, and then you get to thinking about

all of the things you should have used the money for. Not me I am thinking that

I am going to use the same bank with a little bit of precaucions and the same

amount of money. It may not be the best bank in the world but it is the best

where I live.


Re: Wanna Go Phishin
9/26/2006 6:24:44 AM
Hi Chelle, I agree with part of what you say, about banks ripping you off. But I find here in Australia it's the not so big bank that is good for the little person (big - industry, commercial). Do your research on all banks before committing to one,sometimes the smaller banks do better deals. Goodluck and thanks for posting! Leanne Busby

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