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Dave Fergusson

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Re: Artshow please contribute and enjoy
8/14/2006 8:18:54 AM

Argh !   Rose , They are way too big, you cant view them all without scanning or whatever from left to right.  They are over the top & in your face . I apologise to everyone & wished I had control of the technicalities.

Because of drongos like myself ( un-nerds) wouldnt it be nice if we could create a permanent art gallery in Adland that could be added to, like on a page where each work of art is just a few pixels so you need to click on it to see it in full. You know so all the works appear about their correct size like on a gallery wall as people walk through.

Is that at all pos???      best wishes   Downunderdave

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Jenny SJ

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Re: Artshow please contribute and enjoy
8/14/2006 8:59:57 AM
Hi Rose, And Hi David, I can reduce pixels ok but uploading.....well that's another story! LOL. David, did you have any likely candidates in mind to set up this Adland Art Gallery. I have been putting on my thinking cap, but most of my friends, with a few noble exceptions, are Computer Klutzes like me. Rose and everyone - look what Ana Maria has done for me!! Isn't it great! Thanks Ana Maria - how you did it is a mystery to me still. Oh well back to drawing board. Now that is what I call NETWORKING. Love Jenny

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