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Re: Artshow please contribute and enjoy
3/21/2007 6:09:16 AM

Congrats again, Rose. Sorry I cannot join in. Time, work, obligations get in the way.

Keep the good work going.



M. Houghton
Rose Enderud

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Re: Artshow please contribute and enjoy
3/28/2007 5:37:27 PM
Hello Everyone,
Patricia posted this in another tread. I wanted all of you to enjoy here dolls.

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Hi.....I was a cloth doll maker.  Until 2001 when I hurt my hand.  Got Nerve damge and hurt my fingers on my right hand so I can't stuff dolls or color in their faces etc like I used to.  Here are 3 of them I made.... I love my girls!!     Pat

Grace, my bride doll


My Garden doll


More of my girls ---- Here is Daisy

This is Alice in Wonderland

Here is my little "tart"  - she likes to go out on the town

This is Frieda ... the Fairy Queen

I've made ONE bear.  This bear is made out of mohair and Her name is Gracie


These are bears that were made (I bought at a store), but I decorated them

Patricia Bartch

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Re: Artshow please contribute and enjoy
3/28/2007 6:35:58 PM

Here are 2 more dolls that I made. They are kinda "goofy."  These  are challenge dolls I made when I was a member in a doll club.  We had to make a doll from WILD, colorful fabric. That's how the Swimming  Matron came to be.  She was a former synchronized swimmer!! 

The other doll is TINY.  She is only 5 inches (she is mostly leg!!) and was a "pin doll,  I wore her as a pin on my sweater.

Pat, who still loves dollies.


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