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Big Bird Beat By Little Bird!
7/7/2006 4:37:54 AM
Hello Friends,

I just love getting mail from Brian Rooney of  TRAFFICWAVE.

Here's an example of the inspiration that Brian gives us on a
regular basis!


One of the things I love about running an online business is that it
allows me to get away from time to time while still being
 connected to my business.

On a recent trip to San Antonio, I had my laptop and the hotel
 provided wireless hi-speed internet so I was "good to go" for
 taking care of business in the morning and enjoying the rest of
 the day.

During one of our days there, my wife and I ran away to spend
 some time together on the River Walk. While there, we were
 eating lunch and a funny thing happened that I just had to share
 with you.

While we were eating, my wife dropped one of a tortilla chip on
 the floor. We were outside next to the river and a rather large
 pigeon came up to the chip.

It tried to eat the chip but it was too big.

It stepped back, turned its head to the side as if to say "What?
 How am I going to deal with this big thing?".

It pecked the chip again.

Again nothing happened. The chip didn't break. The pigeon
 stepped back and turned its  head again with that same
quizzical look as if to say, "How am I going to eat this thing?".

This went on a little while longer and during one of those times
 when the pigeon was wondering what was going on, a tiny little
 bird (I think it was a finch) swooped down and grabbed the chip
 in its beak... turned and flew to a nearby chair.

The chip was bigger than the bird!

Then the little bird picked the chip up and slammed it down on
 the chair. The chip broke into a few smaller pieces, including
 some little crumbs.

The little bird just hopped around on the chair eating the little
crumbs. When it finished those crumbs, it picked up a big piece
 and slammed it down on the chair.

The pigeon was still standing right where it had started... with no
chip... and wondering what had just happened!

Within the space of a few minutes, the little bird had continued
slamming big pieces into little pieces... eating the little pieces...
 then slamming big pieces into little pieces... eating the little pieces
 until the entire chip was gone.

My wife and I cracked up and I said to her "THAT is my next
 training article!"

How many times do we sit and stare at a big "chip" wondering
 how we are going to eat this thing? Or... wondering how we're
 going to ever understand all this information?

I have watched some users be like that pigeon. They try to figure
 out everything within the first few minutes. All they can see is a
 big chip... a lot of information... and it overwhelms them. They try
 to just eat the silly thing without every really understanding the

One new member emailed me a while back and said, "I don't have
 time for all this training and all these emails. Just send me a
 single email that tells me how to make money or I will quit.".

He was like the pigeon saying "I have to eat this whole chip now!"

Just so you know... he quit.

I  have also seen other users that are like that little bird. They
 sign up and then they begin to break everything down into small
 bite sized chunks.

They read the first training article.

They follow the steps.

They review the information.

They verify that they have taken the right steps.

They read the second training article.
And so on...

Each time around, they are breaking the big chip into smaller
 chunks and they are taking all of the information in one "chunk"
 at a time.

I want to encourage you to do the same.

Realize that there is a rather large "chip" called

But don't try to eat the whole thing in one bite!
Don't try to grasp the Autoresponder, the FFA Page, the Banner
 Ads, the AdTracker and all the other promotional systems in one

Take the time to break it down to little bite sized chunks.
Read the Training Articles on your Autoresponder first.
Set up your Autoresponder by following the setup instructions.

Then move on to the next chunk... the next tool. Read about it...
 study it... set it up... keep learning.

Over time, you will have finished the training and will be much
 smarter than when you started. That new knowledge will
 translate to more sales.

Maybe you've heard the old African riddle:

Q: How do you eat an entire elephant?

A: One bite at a time!

Be like the little bird. You grabbed the whole chip when you
 enrolled with us. Your next step is to break it down into small
 bite sized chunks and start eating away.

Yours in success,

Brian Rooney

* * * * * * * *

You can use this theory in any business,
just keep at it.Thanks for your visit,
Have a great weekend!

Leanne Busby
Re : Big Bird Beat By Little Bird!
7/7/2006 10:29:21 AM
Hi Leanne, Just wondering about your signature area. Did you use html code to choose a slightly smaller font for the text area and a different font for the clickable link? Thanks, All the best, Wayne
Re : Big Bird Beat By Little Bird!
7/7/2006 5:38:10 PM
Hi Wayne, The font size wasnt changed the clickable link is just in capitals.Thanks for posting, not quite on subject Leanne Busby
Mary Hofstetter

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Re : Big Bird Beat By Little Bird!
7/7/2006 8:22:41 PM



Good illustration.  My favorite saying is : "Anyone can eat an elephant ...a bite at a time.


Learning about Adlandpro tells how to use the tools here.  The thread is getting quite long but if people will take a  post  at a time they learn many ideas.


Newbies or the seasoned computer user will learn something.  I would put the link in favorites and then work on one idea at a time.  Each time you come back, re-read and keep moving forward.  1,700 visits have been made to that forum, so I know someone is using it and referring others to it.




Kathy Kanouse

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Re : Big Bird Beat By Little Bird!
7/7/2006 10:09:10 PM
Thanks Leanne for sharing this. What I got out of it was the more we network together & learn from each other the easier it will get & the better our articles will be.

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