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Re: Friends and What They Do - See Here - Post Your Own
8/13/2006 3:19:14 AM
HiDavid; Thanks for the opportunity to share my business. I am in the business of helping people to get healthy both physically and financially. Our team works together to build business. In this business there is a start up fee of $29.00 that pays for your business kit and also gives you two sites to advertise with. The committment you make is to change stores. You commit to buy products that you already purchase from our company. Products like vitamins, minerals, glucosamine, heart healthy supplements, laundry supplies, cleaning supplies, toiletries, toothpaste, mouth wash, dental floss, even make-up for you women out there. All of our products are natural and proven safe for the enviroment. Our purpose is to rid our homes of the toxic chemicals found in so many products we use today. This constant exposure to chemicals causes many diseases such as cancer, ADHD, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Arthritis and many more. Not only does it help the health of our families it also helps to clean up our enviroment. All the products are very concentrated and therefore last much longer than store brands. By becoming a preferred customer you get the products at a reduced price and you also have the opportunity to receive 10% of each purchase back in advantage dollars which can be applied to future orders. This is a great business opportunity for those who are looking for another or a first home-based business. You do not stock or distibute any products. Products are purchased online by each individual customer and shipped directly to their door. If you are not looking for a business, but are concerned for your and your family's health then you can become a preferred customer for a one time fee of $25.00 and receive your customer pack and also the discounted prices. Check out my site for business or if you are interested in just becoming a customer by entering your information at my site I will be able to call you and follow up with you and answer any questions you have. Thanks again David for this opportunity to share this information with others here at Ad Land Pro. Kellie Trulove
Re: Friends and What They Do - See Here - Post Your Own
8/13/2006 7:05:35 AM
Hi David,

I take the opportunity you are offering and thank you for it.

Four years ago I suffered from breast cancer.
Following it was impossible to  run my  former job as a 
kitchen planner and seller and I had to retire to soon, in order to
become a normal rent.
I thank god for my husband, who helped me all that long way with his love and
Meanwhile I'm able to run a home-based business, since about six months.
As many others I didn't know very much about internet marketing.

But i have been a customer with Life Plus and used their products, wich
did very well to me.
Life Plus provided me with a website ( all customers will get one) for no further
I began to promote this fantastic products and the income opportunity, they offer.
But I must confess, that I was not very successfull.
Now i came to this fantastic community here at adland, two or thre weeks ago.
I must say I've  learned  in this short period more about  internet marketing, than all the the months before.
That's why I want to say "Thank You" to all my friends here.

I wish everybody a nice Sunday

Re: Friends and What They Do - See Here - Post Your Own
8/14/2006 12:28:45 PM
Hi David,

Thanks so much for the opportunity for me to share my business with everyone here!

I'm still getting familiar with AdLandPro, and making many wonderful friends in the process!

My business is great for anyone interested in becoming healthy and ridding toxins and heavy metals from their body. I've just recently come to know that toxins and heavy metals can cause a host of health problems, including cancer! In fact, a doctor nationally known that has studied environmental toxins recently told me that  75% of disease is caused from heavy metals and toxins in your body! That really didn't surprise me, since we live in such a toxic world now.

Everyone needs to detox and the product I sell does this better than anything I've ever seen. It's a unique product that is only available from Waiora, has 14 years of scientific research behind it and a U.S. patent. There are many, many people that have taken this "liquid cellular zeolite" that were sent home to die and are disease-free at this very moment! Some, only within a month of taking it!

I am very passionate about this product and this company, which offers a very nice business plan. Even if I didn't make any money from this, I would still try to let as many people know about this product. I really enjoy helping others and believe that getting healthy is so important. Your body, mind and spirit are all connected, and if one suffers, they all suffer.

Get your body back in balance and share the gift of health with others. Thanks for allowing me to share this and may God bless you all!

Anne Marie

Get Healthy! You Owe it To Yourself and Your Loved Ones!
Review more Info on Zeolite and the amazing results!
Another great networking community to share your business with others.
Join for FREE and place your business profile. Upgrading to Executive is
a great option that allows you to create a very nice residual income.

Teri Fitzgerald

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Re: Friends and What They Do - See Here - Post Your Own
8/14/2006 3:54:57 PM

~*~ Welcome to Teris Home Business ~*~

Hi there,

I do hope you are enjoying each moment. ;)

We may just have what you are searching
for here at TerisHomeBusiness. We have
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of choices for decorating your Home and
creating your Dream Garden! Flowers and
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Lots of choices from popular stores with
specials to keep everyone happy. You will
find our great selection makes it easy to
shop for the entire family at our sweet
and totally cool Virtual Shopping Mall.

Did I mention the iPods and Electronics?
Fun and Entertainment? Music, Movies and
Game downloads? Oh my!!

Come on by for a visit today! :)



PS.. My Dream of having my very own website
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Be sure to check out whats new here at Kiosk!!

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Friends and What They Do - See Here - Post Your Own
8/14/2006 9:03:20 PM

Hi David,

Thanks for the invite.  I believe you asked people what they do, so I will let you know without posting it like an ad.

I have a passion for helping people.  I always have.  I have worked with youth who have been removed from their homes and I have worked with youth who struggle with addiction issues.  It has been a blessing to do both.

I am now blessed by being able to help others become more aware of their indoor air pollution and the toxins in their homes.  I help people by helping them to reduce the chemicals and toxins in their home, therefore creating improved health and vitality for their families.  In addition, I am doing my part in helping the environment as well contributing to cancer prevention.  If we all changed even just the cleaners in our homes to environmentally friendly ones, the world would be a better place-less river/water pollution and less ozone depletion. I love to see the life changing results people have when they rid their home of store bought cleaners and begin to use products that promote health.


Thanks David for letting me share a bit about what I do.  Just wanted to let you know that I also enjoy your posts.



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