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Kellie Trulove

Kellie Trulove
BirthdayMonday, September 24, 1962
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About Me
About Me

  I am just a normal everyday person.  I work away from home as a nurse and I do my home businesses at home.  I have three grown children.  One of my sons is currently in the Army and stationed in Korea until Feburary so all prayers for him would be appreciated as is so for all our people that are dedicating their lives to our freedom.

  I have a wonderful grandson who is 1 1/2 yrs old and a blessing to me.  I have a granddaughter due September 5th and am looking forward to this event.  My grand daughter was born September 8th and very healthy.  She is a beauty!

  My daughter is planning to attend college soon to become an RN.  My other son (the one not in the service) is also planning to attend college, but is not sure which direction he wants to go in yet.  He is a natural artist, but doesn't believe it yet.  Family is important to me as you can probably tell.

   Life is great and I enjoy living it.  Hoping to become able to come home full-time in 18 months.  Working hard on my home businesses to reach that goal and I know I will attain it as I usually do attain my goals (mainly because I can modify them without it destroying me).

  I love God and live a christian life.  I appreciate all the blessings He provides us with everyday that usually go unnoticed...nature-trees, animals, lakes, rivers, the clouds and the stars...all magnificent works.

  So, that is me in a nutshell...or at least a nutshell of

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