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Laurel Nicolosi

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Re: Vitamins and Supplements - who knows?
10/30/2006 10:47:44 PM

Hi Jenni,

Thanks for posting to my forum. I agree that many companies (and generic is the least amt of absorption, I would probably agree) don't have a way of making sure your body absorbs the vitamin. I think I know what company you are with, and it is a good company - Melaleuca, right? I was with Melaleuca for over a year, dropped out for a while, and now am ordering products again. You're right, they do have good products, even the vitamins.

The problem with their vitamins - or any other company that makes vitamins - is that they cannot make a vitamin regimen SPECIFICALLY for you - jenni - just for you - woman. So you hope that what is on the bottle is what your body needs, but that is as far as you go...I could never be sure if the amts were right for my body, or if I was lacking in certain areas for me specifically.

When I found out Ideal Health had a way of TESTING me to find out what EXACTLY my body needed, that intrigued me, because I had taken a lot of GOOD vitamins in the past, but never one customized to me. So for that reason, I take Ideal Health's vitamin regimen that has been made - in the laboratory - specifically for me.

And I feel better about knowing that the vitamins and minerals that I take every day are actually helping my body with what it needs :)

More info about this is here:

I hope you do well with your business and feel free to contact me or post again! :)


I'm not confused about what vitamins to take - they are customized JUST for me - Latte for your car?? - My $7 Miracle Matrix
Kathy Mccarthy

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Re: Vitamins and Supplements - who knows?
11/6/2006 7:17:53 PM
Hi, Laurel there are lot of vitamins & minerals out there. My company offers a free nutri-physical that can be a guide for some people on where do i start, we also coustomize them. our products are isotonix, they mix with water for better develery. all i can say that I can feel the difference.check it out! Market America take a free nutri physical online today!, profit,now! never seen before!

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