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Laurel Nicolosi

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Re: Product for Us
8/10/2006 9:49:27 PM

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for posting your thoughtful comments to this forum. I appreciate your point of view, and the fact that you are trying to do what is best for your body.

The Isagenix shake sounds great from your brief description (I say brief because you don't describe the actual ingredients).

Is this the same as taking a vitamin supplement? I am really impressed with Ideal Health because they actually TEST you to find out what you need EXACTLY in your body - so I no longer have to guess, or pick which vitamins seem to be good - now I KNOW and get my customized supplements every month, made specifically for me.

This is the future, people love things that are customized for them, so I would not be surprised if other companies sometime in the future try to also jump on the bandwagon and talk about adding in-home testing (clinical lab analysis taken after the test is taken at home) to their business plan... :)

So I wish you success and I encourage you and all forum members to check out this article which describes the testing:

Keep your ideas flowing and let's get some more discussion going here! :)


I'm not confused about what vitamins to take - they are customized JUST for me - Latte for your car?? - My $7 Miracle Matrix
Re: Product for Us
8/11/2006 12:33:11 PM

I could send you the full ingredients if you would like Laurel... I can get it.. I just didn't want to put that one here.. thought it might have been out of place abit... lol.

This shake is awesome.. I load ours up everyday... we use yogarts, fruits, ice cubes, and they are just awesome to drink.. They are food supplement.. so it helps us cut out on grocery's.. and all the garbage...

If you go to the site.. you can see the full usage of Isagenix.. it is a Cleansing system.. with Great Benefits... Yes.. you can lose weight being on this system... but that alone.. is a true side benefit.. there are many other things that go along with cleansing the toxins and chemicals from ones body... is the site where you can read, and see all ingredients of all of our products...  and you can e mail me at if you chose to have more information...

Thank you..


Re: Vitamins and Supplements - who knows?
9/9/2006 1:45:43 PM

I researched vitamins and supplements for some time till I found one that truly is one of the greatest vitamins that provides everything to support our bodies needs.

I tried this Vitamin first before getting excited about it and finally deciding to back this company and to help others with thier health by joining the company as an independent advertiser. I am a home daycare provider and now I also feel good with my dicision in advertising The Greatest Vitamin in the World.

I have a son with mild autism whom takes alot of my attention and I know personally how important it is to find a great vitamin is. I have been diagnosed with being Hypothyriod which makes a person feel sluggish and tired alot. Since I started taking these Whole Organic Food Vitamins my body has felt more energy and alive. My hair and nails have started growing. This is my personal experience. If you would like to know more details about this great vitamin and more than my personal testimony then you can research it for yourself. To everyones good health!!

Cheryl Munger

Re: Vitamins and Supplements - who knows?
9/19/2006 7:23:09 PM

Cleansing and detoxifying your body is the greatest feeling ever.. I too have a son with adhd.. and since he has been on the cleansing system.. there has been great results for him..  His brain clarity has come a long ways, and he no longer needs medications to help him in his schooling... 

You can read about this in my forum Cleanse For Health here at AdlandPro..  There are many testimonies of many people making progress with weight loss, energy gain, chronic pain reduced, brain clarity gained, and much much more..  There is also a young mand named Stephen whom was living with Asperger's disorder.. and he did the cleansing system, and it litterally changed his life for the best.. He now lives a totally normal life...

The best part about this cleansing system is that it is pure... stimulant free, and you can get it free.. If you would like to see more about this wonderful cleansing system.. please proceed to my web site and get back to me if you chose.. I would love to hear from you and help you with your health ahead...  the Detox Cleansing System that GIVES results within 24 to 48 hours!!! We are the limo ride to health and wealth....

Re: Vitamins and Supplements - who knows?
10/30/2006 4:58:38 PM

The whole thing to vitamins is when you actually read the bottle to see whats in them. For example: If the bottle says that there is 1000 mg of vitamin c well then you should be getting that 1000 mg. And know one really does know. But I do. I buy the most awesome products from this company that provide you with the upmost highest vitamins and minerals around. When they say 1000 mg. they put that in there. Most of the retailers around put very little of what they say in their bottles and for that you are not getting your recommended daily value. You are probably getting 35%. That is one of the biggest things you have to look out for. Like going to walmart or even gnc you are still not getting what they say is in the bottle. I will give you my website to read and to learn things you might not know. If the website sounds good to you then ask for more info. I will call you with the details on how to buy our products. It is not a scam it is a 750 billion dollar industry which is just growing and growing. I to have children I am exhausted, tired etc. But since I have been taking our vitamins etc. I dont feel that way anymore. My children all have ADD or ADHD, (3) and one also has tourette's and now they dont have to take them aweful drugs anymore since i found this company. I have one child now that just got into the Gifted and Talented program and now is in an Advanced Math program to. and he was severly bad with those disorders. My company will give you 4 months to try our stuff and if you see no results you get a full refund on everything. now you cant beat that. So as a mother and friend its worth a shot. We have products for everything from cleaning, bathing, health, and glamor.. Breathing problems what have you. so check out my websites and learn a new thing or two. thanks for listening

Jenni Thorstenson

I know you wont be disappointed. good luck



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