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Re: When To Raise Your Prices, Without Feeling Evil About It
4/28/2006 6:54:42 PM
Thanks for your additional comment, Art. The reasons for my low price were philosophical, rather than a competition issue. I have a base of very loyal clients who have loved my services and have referred quite a bit of business my way. It's becoming too difficult, though, with the cost of living rising and my esteemed colleauges telling potential clients that they won't get full service with a price like mine (untrue, by the way). I have come around to the notion that I will be doing potential clients a favor by putting myself in the mainstream. At least I know that when they pay me the going rate, they will get better than average service, as they also did when my prices were below average. As a matter of fact, my on-again off-again new partnership is on again, and the business model will change with that transition. If it should end up off-again, I'll raise my rates as of June 1, which will give me time to have my contracts re-written. Your comment about the market in Spain is interesting, coming from an observer of the industry. Before I became a broker myself, I worked under the tutelage of a wonderful broker who was a brilliant young businessman. He always said that you can't control the market, but you can control your income by adjusting to it. If it's down, just list more houses. I actually like a down market, because it weeds out the bad agents. A market like we have now brings out newbies like a gold rush. Cheri

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