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Re: ~ ~Update~ ~ Computer Challenges, but I'm still alive! * * * Alive, but tired! ;-)
2/26/2006 2:53:06 PM
Felcia, Do me a favor and tell your neighbor not to wake you up early again! I hate to see a pretty lady like yourself have to go through all of these problems!
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Re: ~ ~Update~ ~ Computer Challenges, but I'm still alive! * * * Alive, but tired! ;-)
2/26/2006 5:58:13 PM
Hi Felicia, Sorry to hear about your computer problems. One of my side ventures is refurbishing and selling used laptops that I sell and service locally. In my experience the two glitchiest os's have got to be #1 windows xp home edition and windows me. I have found windows 2000 and windows xp pro to be the more stable, However; There are programs that are compatible with windows me that are not compatible with windows xp and if you try to override the warnings and install any ways,this can cause some drastic problems. If you have older versions of programs that are designated for windows 95-98. be prepared to scrap those programs for newer versions if available. The geek squad is probably going to tell you all this anyways.
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Re: ~ ~Update~ ~ Computer Challenges, but I'm still alive! * * * Alive, but tired! ;-)
2/26/2006 8:18:07 PM
Felicia, You have my simpathy. I just purchased a new laptop last week myself. What kind did you get? My Me still plugs on though!! I just upgraded to DSL the first of the year, that was quite a boost:)
Re: ~Update~ Computer Challenges, I'm still alive!
2/26/2006 8:36:17 PM
Felicia; Sounds like the "The Perils of Pauline" from old time movies, of the lady tied to the train tracks. But for the modern computer age. Glad you will be back up and going in a few days. Rebecca Swinson.
Re: ~ ~Update~ ~ Computer Challenges, but I'm still alive! * * * Alive, but tired! ;-)
2/27/2006 12:00:19 AM
Felicia, Don't sell your old computer. You can use it to setup a network. Use the old computer for auto-surfing and the new one wil be free for other things or more auto-surfing, whatever. The new computer may even come with network capability built in. The Geek Squad guy can tell you and help you. "Then get Mozilla Firefox (free). It allows you to open different websites at the same time, all inside one main window, presented in a "tabbed" format. This makes it much easier and neater (and quicker) to surf in one exchange, click the tab near the top of the screen,go to the next on and so on. Once installed we want to create a few "Bookmark Folders" in which to store our Traffic Exchanges." I am quoting these fabulous step-by-step instructions from my Home-Income-Team pages. It's free to join if you already belong to one of these programs...GDI, Juvio, Empowerism, etc. If you don't belong to any then just join GDI for $10 per month and you get a website and domain name (very useful you will find as you expand your money making internet career)and you get in Home-Income-Team free. I have found the specific instructions on how to do each thing (and there are pages of things to do to increase your income) so helpful and easy to follow and I'm a Baby Boomer Newbie who lacks the inherent computer abilities younger poeple take for granted. If you don't want to go that route. I will be happy to email you instructions or post them here that will tell you how to minimize your time surfing and maximize your profit. I'm just learning all this stuff in the last week myself but it's GREAT info and the best part it was FREE! So hang on to that old computer, get a format done on the hard drive, load an operating system on it and you've got a great extra resource.(See what the Geek recommends, tell him your plan, he can probably tell you even more good stuff he knows about surfing) I hope I've given you food for thought. I'm also upgrading my 10khits4unow membership becasue they have classes on creating splash pages, website stuff, and all kinds of other info to make money online. I plan on making a lot of money online and I'm eager to learn how to do this stuff. You can too and earn money from more than auto-surfing. Something more reliable and empowering. With your drive you will become another internet success story. I get that just from your posts. You have a very dynamic personality and you will accomplish great things with knowledge. Why let the men make all the money? Women are empowering theirselves! We're all equal on the internet the only thing that differentiates us is our knowledge. Okay I'll get off my "Woman Power" soap box. Anyway I hope I've given you something to seriously think about. As I learn I will pass on the info. Ruth Sharp

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