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3/21/2006 11:02:08 PM
Anthony ,, Thanks For The Invite. I Personaly Like # 8 >> I Have Been A over the Truck Driver for 38 years. My area ( That My Home Is In ) looks after me.. I treat them all the same ( even when they are at war with each other) I told a police officer that was in our area, " I tell ever body that ask where I Live. I Live On The Safesty Street In *********,M** " He Said " You Say What ? " I Repeated The Above. He Said " How Can You Say That?" I Said " You Guys Are Here Ever Few Hours, And Nobodys Knows Thich House You Will Be Going To." >> I Say >> Be Your Self ,, LIVE ,, Stay Ready To Live. ,, >>> Then Everbody you come in contact with can fell that YOU are Not A Push-Over ,,, And Are Not PUSHING THEM ,, ( Not Trying To Run There Live ) Some that read this will not understand this part of the world. It has been said I'll send you out to the Wolfs As Lambs,, But Fear Not... Friend Frist To MySELF ---- After That I Can Keep Being A Friend To You.>><< Your Friend Elbert L ( gouardhead ) .
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