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RE: Oh Really? WOW! #Sodom And Gomorrah
10/17/2017 4:51:04 PM
What Really Happened In Sodom And Gomorrah ??

RE: Oh Really? WOW! #US_Congressmen_Indicted #Russa_Investigation
10/30/2017 3:22:47 PM
Paul Manafort, Rick Gates indicted, surrender to FBI in Robert Mueller Russia Investigation

Manafort indicted on conspiracy, money laundering charges: special counsel

Rick Gates Indicted: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

... a longtime associate and protege of Paul Manafort, was indicted on multiple criminal charges Monday, including conspiracy against the United States, as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion investigation, capping months of tense political drama and a frenzied weekend of speculation.

Manafort, the former campaign chairman for President Donald Trump, was also charged. The two men were told to turn themselves in Monday morning after a grand jury indicted them on Friday. Manafort turned himself in at FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., and Gates has now also surrendered to the FBI.

RE: Oh Really? WOW! 10,000-year-old Brit
2/7/2018 11:06:59 PM
DNA suggests 10,000-year-old Brit had dark skin, blue eyes

10,000-year-old Brit

LONDON — DNA from a 10,000-year-old skeleton found in an English cave suggests the oldest-known Briton had dark skin and blue eyes, researchers said Wednesday.

Scientists from Britain's Natural History Museum and University College London analyzed the genome of "Cheddar Man," who was found in Cheddar Gorge in southwest England in 1903. Scientists led by museum DNA expert Ian Barnes drilled into the skull to extract DNA from bone powder. They say analysis indicates he had blue eyes, dark curly hair and "dark to black" skin pigmentation.

The researchers say the evidence suggests that Europeans' pale skin tones developed much later than originally thought.

"Cheddar Man subverts people's expectations of what kinds of genetic traits go together," said Tom Booth, a postdoctoral researcher at the museum who worked on the project. "It seems that pale eyes entered Europe long before pale skin or blond hair, which didn't come along until after the arrival of farming."

"He reminds us that you can't make assumptions about what people looked like in the past based on what people look like in the present, and that the pairings of features we are used to seeing today aren't something that's fixed," Booth said on the museum website.

It's thought ancient humans living in northern regions developed pale skin because it absorbs more sunlight, which is needed to produce vitamin D.

Cheddar Man shares a genetic profile with several other Mesolithic-era individuals found in Spain, Hungary and Luxembourg whose DNA has already been analyzed. The group, known as Western Hunter-Gatherers, migrated to Europe from the Middle East after the last Ice Age, about 12,000 years ago.

Dan Bradley, a professor of population genetics at Trinity College Dublin, said the findings were credible.

"There are other data from hunter-gatherers who lived in western Europe, and they also show darker skin and light eyes, blue eyes," said Bradley, who was not involved with the study. "Modern Europeans are a mixture of people like this, who are older hunter-gatherer inhabitants of western Europe, and people who came in with the advent of agriculture, and people who came from the east in the Bronze Age and who also brought new genetics into the region."

Cheddar Man is the oldest complete skeleton found in Britain.

Humans had lived in Britain off and on for thousands of years before his time, but they had been wiped out during periodic ice ages. Cheddar Man would have been one of a tiny population of hunter-gatherers in Britain at the time. Scientists, who have been studying his skeleton for decades, say he appears to have had a healthy diet but died in his 20s, possibly through violence.

Dutch "paleo artists" Alfons and Adrie Kennis created a likeness of Cheddar Man based on the British scientists' findings, showing a man with long curly hair, a short beard and striking blue eyes. The research will be explored in a television documentary on Britain's Channel 4 on Feb. 18.


RE: Oh Really? WOW! #Drumpf's attorney's #office #raided
4/9/2018 9:35:31 PM
The has 's Attorney's office ... visit my tweet
RE: Oh Really? WOW! Fired FBI Director #James_Comey ~~~ book
4/14/2018 2:14:22 AM
 Former FBI Director Comey to Release Book Aimed at Criticizing President Trump April 13, 2018 by Andrea Lenhart A book written by former FBI director James Comey is set to hit stores, taking aim at his former boss, President Trump. “A Higher Loyalty” will be released next week. In it, Comey calls President Trump “unethical, untethered to truth, ego driven and about personal loyalty.” Comey was appointed director of the FBI by President Obama five years ago and fired by Trump last summer. Comey says he briefed the Trump campaign before the inauguration on Russian meddling in the election and claims the campaign held a strategy session about how to spin the situation to the public, instead of focusing on how to avoid future Russian threats. The Republican National Committee is set to launch an aggressive response to the book and have already launched a new website called, which disputes many of Comey’s claims. /////////////////// visit link: ~~~~~~~ to view video

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