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RE: Oh Really? WOW!
7/26/2017 10:37:31 PM
Don't Pick Your Nose: Never Mind, Boogers May Be Good for You

Story at-a-glance -
  • Eating your boogers may help introduce pathogens from your environment to your immune system, helping it to learn and build defenses, according to a new theory in support of the hygiene hypothesis
  • The hygiene hypothesis posits that being exposed to viruses and other environmental factors like dirt, germs and parasites helps you build up your immunity naturally
  • Asthma, allergies, eczema, heart disease and even depression have been linked to the hygiene hypothesis
  • If the hygiene hypothesis is true, and there’s mounting research that it is, trying to keep your environment overly sterile could backfire and actually increase your risk of acute and chronic diseases

RE: Oh Really? WOW!
8/6/2017 9:28:36 AM
Gore: 'I think I carried Florida'

Former vice president and Democratic presidential nominee Al Gore told HBO's Bill Maher he thinks he carried the state of Florida in 2000, a state that would have given Gore the presidency over George W. Bush.

Gore, 69, visited Maher on HBO's "Real Time" on Friday to discuss his follow-up climate change documentary, "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power," when the host broached the issue of rising sea levels.

"So when the sea levels rise, obviously we could lose Venice. We could lose Florida. And who would know better about losing Florida?" Maher joked, leading to some groans from the live studio audience in Los Angeles.

"Actually, I think I carried Florida," a smiling Gore retorted. "But that's another — we won't go there."

Maher agreed that Gore won the hotly-contested state and its 25 electoral votes at the time.

"That's right, OK, there you go. I think you do did, too."

The 2000 vote in the Sunshine State was settled in Bush's favor weeks after the election on Dec. 12, with the former Texas governor winning by a margin of 537 votes after the Supreme Court stopped a recount by a 5-4 vote. Gore conceded the following day.

Bush lost the popular vote but won the Electoral College, 271-266.

A USA Today/Miami Herald/Knight Ridder study after the election concluded in May 2001 that Bush would have won a hand count of Florida's disputed ballots, called "hanging chads," if a standard advocated by Gore had been used.

"Bush would have won by 1,665 votes — more than triple his official 537-vote margin — if every dimple, hanging chad and mark on the ballots had been counted as votes," the study concluded.


I Jan aka Jaz, would like for historians to start series on how Bush, Jr stole the White House

RE: Oh Really? WOW!
8/8/2017 5:23:27 PM

Why it is necessary to wear jewelry?

The sun is shining and its rays are warm, nourish, heal wounds, and in a bad mood in bright day light just disappears. Jewelry from stones or metal - gives us strength and self-confidence and the beauty as there are a lot of Sun, planets, great space. The female charm in a special way improves if there is on a body or a hand such small favourite ornament. Surrounding people will surely notice beautiful game of stones in a step to gloss of your eyes, a bend of your hand and a bracelet and tenderness of velvety skin.
There were no all benefits of a civilization at the beginning of our life yet, but there were stones, and there was always beauty. Read more »

RE: Oh Really? WOW!
8/21/2017 8:09:26 PM
Edward Snowden Tells The Truth About Donald Trump

RE: Oh Really? WOW!
8/21/2017 8:11:00 PM
Full Interview: Julian Assange on Trump, DNC Emails, Russia, the CIA, Vault 7 & More


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