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RE: Oh NO she didn't
8/19/2015 9:23:13 PM

Thank you so much ~ I like this
RE: Oh NO she didn't
8/30/2015 8:01:09 PM
 Some weeks ago, I was shopping at the grocery store and noticed three middle-school aged fellas walking around. They did not seam to be with any adult shoppers and they did not have a cart. ~~~ They walked pass me in an isle; then I saw them again near the bakery. Now I did have a plastic jar of pennies I was going to process at the 'Coin Star' but the location's machine was out of order. The container was heavy so I had a small shopping cart to rest them in. ////// As I was looking over the bakery goods, the three fellas walked close to my cart and one of them slide his hand down the outside cargo pocket of his 'below the knee shorts' ~~~ {I always wear "Hollywood Shades and a wide-brim straw hat" ... so, no one really knows what I can or can not see and I am just shopping; thus, do not want to be sociable} ~~~ any who, the fella slightly paused near my cart and I BLURTED "I do not think so young blood ... I am not the one" ... I can not promise an a$$ whipping but I will chew you a new one and you will have to get rabbi shots" ~~~~ The little guy did confess that he was thinking about it ... I asked him, "do you want to cancel the rest of your summer break holding cold bars?" His buddies laughed. I scolded going to jail is not funny. The little fella said, "No Ma am" ~~~ I was impressed for that was an indication of decent home rearing, so I ended the conversation by simply saying "Stay out of trouble" and resumed making my bakery choices. ---- Then, went up another shopping isle, as I turned there was a couple of mature shoppers browsing --- a lady using handicap shopping cart said, "You told them right" --- I responded, "hopefully, they will not forget this day and stay out of trouble, at least, for the rest of this year" --- continued up the isle on to check-out.
RE: Oh NO she didn't ~~~ Thank You Stupidvisor
3/9/2016 9:00:09 PM
I no longer publish on Qondio (formally Qassia) nor APSense; however, this one article, still makes me LOL
Jan aka Jaz Green

Writing Satire can help ease stress

by Jan aka Jaz Green

Original content first published at Qassia:

2nd on APSense (which now requires sign-up to view ... it was not like that when I republished there) [disclaimer for links attached to {JazJets and JazCyfe' - those links were altered/redirected on the published site } "Western Union from Your PC from JazJets - this page links to the Western Union site via the Western Union banner or if your account is frozen, You can establish a new one at Account Now 100% APPROVAL - located in Financial section at JazCyfe']

So NOW in my favorite networking community, 3rd publication of the same

Thank You Stupidvisor!

December 2004 was an unusually fuzzy year for me. My stupidvisor constantly ran off good clerics and dumped the full-time workload on my desk [again and again]; attending multiple close family members' funerals on both my and my spouses family; the death of several co-workers [several I had known over 10 years]; survived a car accident, a third atopic pregnancy; successfully attending on-line classes at Keller; the outcome of the elections and on-going digestive irritations compelled me to "throw in the towel" - I resigned from employment on December 15, 2004.

I had been an exceptional administrative supporter for 17 years in several departments at the Atlanta-Veterans Affairs Medical Center - Nursing Service, Nursing Education, Medical Supplies, Preparation and Distribution; Agent Cashier, detailed to Personnel Service [Radiology Records, Medical Services and Library Services] Engineering and Facilities Management Services; received incentive awards for at least 11 of the 17 years; my co-workers became an additional family at the Atlanta-VAMC. I am a rated disabled Veteran {since 1974] and I love helping people in general and Veterans especially. Prior to resigning, I encouraged fellow Veterans by first offering to type their resumes. I wish you could have seen the tears in several of their eyes as they viewed the final draft.

I wanted to cry too for many of the Veterans had stellar credentials; however, struggling with homelessness. Some of the Veterans looked at their personal accomplishments in comparison with the current living status and I am sure they wondered, "How did I get duped, following instructions?"

My dream is to be on the cover of a particular business magazine, I do not have a clue as to how that will come to flourishion, so for now, my dream is personal mental resting place.

Why am I thanking my former stupidvisor?

Had it not been for my stupidvisor, I would most likely be hospitalized for chronic digestive issues instead of accomplishing the following:

* stress relief from working two full time positions
* being
My Own Boss
* creating a BRAND: Jaz Live Cash Culture
* creating a community: JazLive
* creating an organization: JazJets
* being one core class and three certifications close to a Master Accountant-Financial Analyst Degree
* connecting to unknown thousands, in Cyberspace

My former stupidvisor was terminated for embezzling over seven thousand dollars in April 2006, sixteen months after I resigned.

Stupidvisor, if by chance YOU get to read this, I want You to know that I forgive You and thanks for stressing me out to the point of leaving You behind. I hope You are not homeless, get back in the game by becoming a HUB publisher, I am sure You can get rich just from confessing alone.

If you follow these instructions - there are possibilities:

1. create a mask: you can use some sort of clip art instead of a picture of You
2. get a
FREE email address - I give those away just like Yahoo
3. You won't have to leave the house to pay restitution, you can order Western Union from Your PC from
JazJets - this page links to the Western Union site via the Western Union banner or if your account is frozen, You can establish a new one at Account Now 100% APPROVAL - located in Financial section at JazCyfe' - third item

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RE: Oh NO she didn't
3/9/2016 9:38:03 PM
Sir Patrick Stewart. love this but i'm not sure who the SHE IS !!!

I love to laugh; sharing funny times.

Oh Yes she did!

I'm Your AVON LADY: *Ask me how to get FREE Shipping.
RE: Oh NO she didn't ~ Refusing to COMPLAIN
4/25/2016 5:20:14 PM
Bogdan, I REFUSE to complain ...
just NOT in my 'nature' and am
NOT changing to appease any ONE

Responding to "Talk" here because ONCE again I am suspended from responding.

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