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RE: Keep your eyes on the Prize!
2/23/2015 9:20:46 AM
As far as "most newbies can't compile a plan" that's a poor excuse. Like any business it requires you to do your homework. I hate to be so blunt, but if that is the case then maybe that person might want to find something else to pursue.

It really doesn't matter what stage you are in with your internet business. The point is ... it is always best if you have a plan laid out, that alone helps you to keep on track and not get lost in the endless possibilities that are available to internet marketer's today.

Who says that finding a good coach can't be part of the plan or maybe learning How to build a list. It is all about direction and keeping focus whether you are a new marketer or a vetern.

I am telling you this as it is really more important than you realize. Not saying that your plan can't change or shouldn't evolve along with your learning curve. You can go ahead and find a coach, however what good is that going to do you if you can't focus and follow through with what is being taught. You have just wasted more money.

In my seventeen years in this business, it is my experience that those two things, Focus and a plan, are definite requirements for success.
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RE: Keep your eyes on the Prize!
2/27/2015 2:52:54 PM
Dear Daine,
If you give more explanation about, How far could the plan be helpful for the newbies!
It would be appreciated.


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