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Branka Babic

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RE: How to Market on Social Networks
7/6/2013 8:59:11 PM
You really know to encourage and to be such uplifting Diane, thank you!

Now when I read your great "waterfall lines" I really think of the whole thing as of just here-and-there complicated. But when I remain alone with mentor AKA "self-demanding Branka", nothing is that much easy :).

But I am here to learn, and to collect, and to tray to seed grain per grain .
Thanks for your selfless and so important share and motivation, it can't be appreciated enough.
Ron C Stewart

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RE: How to Market on Social Networks
7/21/2013 10:23:08 PM
Great article. Most people don't get social marketing right. They use too much hype. They have been taught that excitement sells, when it doesn't. I just wrote a blog post similar to this, but it focused more on people shoving their product or service at you. If you would like to read it click here.
Ted Carter

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RE: How to Market on Social Networks
8/7/2013 5:38:25 PM
Great post. Everyone should follow your guidelines.
All The Best, Ted Skype ted.carter24
Diane Bjorling

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RE: How to Market on Social Networks
8/7/2013 6:26:52 PM
Good afternoon Ted ( and Ron a huge oops for not answering you sooner).... I can not take the credit for the writing of this post...Chris Silvey is the one who needs to take a huge bow ( but I will take credit for sharing it with everyone here as well as any of my comments lol)

As I was reminded by a good friend this morning..there are many ways to use social networking and not every way is the "right" way or the perfect way, but I have to say that these particular pet peeves are so glaringly the wrong ways to use social [media] that pointing them out and helping people learn seemed and seems the right thing to do.
RE: How to Market on Social Networks
9/9/2013 6:35:05 PM
Hello. I like your article. It's so true this is the reason why I just rather have people look at my profile if they choose to. I'm human and I like reading articles and posting answers. On my profile are lists of links to my sites. I also have blogs that many people visit to read what I write. I try my best to add links to any profiles from any social networks to share my interests. But my favorite thing that I like doing is posting answers to questions anywhere. This is how I network these days. I don't like posting links anywhere only on my profile. It's always a great thing being able to post on forums without annoying anyone.
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