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RE: Great Art
9/22/2013 3:25:52 AM
Kissing island of Greenland!

It’s fake.

The image first appeared online in January 2012 and is the work of Italian photographer and digital post-production artist Vincenzo Micarelli. It is posted on his website and lists the client as Pfizer. The original image in Mr. Micarelli’s portfolio includes the Pfizer logo, although it can often be seen online with this logo cropped out.

Micarelli has a few other images of land masses that resemble faces in his online portfolio. (Examples here and here.)

We reached out to Mr. Micarelli for additional information about the image. He graciously responded with the following description:

This image is part of a series of imaginary territories resembling humans, that I have made for an advertising campaign. They are fruit of my invention and post-production, of course.

Sadia Khawar

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RE: Great Art
9/22/2013 5:05:46 AM

very good!

it already seemed not natural :D

RE: Great Art
10/11/2013 3:16:24 AM
I like art which is from nature.
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RE: Great Art
11/27/2013 3:22:49 PM
Portraits of Famous People on Fingers!!

An Italian artist going by the name of Dito Von Tease has created “Ditology”, a project where portraits of famous people, real or fictional, are featured on human fingers. "Dito" translates to "finger” in Italian.

It all started when Dito Von Tease, 33, was looking for an original avatar to use as his profile picture on Facebook. He chose a finger as a disguise because he was not keen on revealing his identity.

“In Italian, someone could say I wanted to “hide myself behind my finger”. It’s a metaphor to indicate a not-very-effective hiding place,” said the artist.

His art features the likes of Steve Jobs, Dalai Lama, Gaddafi, Jesus, Spock and many others.

Thats pretty interesting and i would like to call it nice idea.
RE: Great Art
10/23/2014 9:24:15 AM
Great All pic are so interesting i like your all pic keep it up.
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