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RE: Quotes about "Star Trek"
5/2/2013 6:22:57 PM
As an original "Trekkie" ( I was advanced for a six year old) I have to say this thread was a trip down memory lane. Star Trek "borrowed a great deal from the classics, especially Shakespeare.
Probably my all time favorite quote is from the Episode "Amok Time", where Spock having successfully come through the ravages of Pon Farr and believing he has killed his beloved Captain is told by his "fiancee" T'Pring that she refuses to marry him and will marry some other Vulcan named Stonn.
Upon hearing this Spock looks directly at Stonn and says the following:

After a time, you may come to find, that having is not so pleasing a thing as wanting, after all.

If I can find them I'll post some of my old Star Trek Related taglines (from the old BBS days, one sentence 72 characters or less to "tag" the end of a post) for you guys.
Here are just a few of the top of my head:

"Bother," said Pooh, as Klingons beamed into the hundred acre wood.

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RE: Quotes about "Star Trek"
5/2/2013 6:51:32 PM
To David....smiling

Here is Jim begging Spock to smile at what you wrote

and Spock say " I am smiling at what David wrote...can't you tell?"


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