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Kathleen Vanbeekom

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RE: Share if a Website is a Scam or Not please
12/10/2012 5:04:22 PM


That was a year ago, the issue was resolved a year ago. The issue is with RealScam and other "scam discussion" sites and the ignoramuses who populate them, not Adlandpro. Read my previous post.

Diane Bjorling

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RE: Share if a Website is a Scam or Not please
12/10/2012 5:23:29 PM
I think we were typing at the same, got to love conversations

You hit on a point that needs to be made that is how people used to do things offline..They actually made the effort to join something, get training and if things were not working they could talk to real people and get help.

You are soooo right, now a days people join anything and everything with the expectation that they will make a million bla bla bla. If I am sounding facetious, it is not my intent. I am concerned to be honest that people are indeed sheeple, but more important people are also desperate and they think that they do not have to do the work. After all they have been sold a bill of goods perpetuated by smooth talking hawksters saying so many things it is hard to know what to think!

The people who are to be respected the "true" marketers know that just like any job, it takes work and learning all aspects to the craft and then making it work for them and others.

The reality is that marketing in general, internet marketing specifically is something to be seen with suspicion and yet what people need to really understand is that there are so many products and services online that are reputable, that are of value and can be used by many and if you can make some extra money, by talking about them, using them..then yay!

As I have said before and will say again, it is through talking to people ( such as yourself, Stephen and I know others) that people can learn how to do things, that people can share their thoughts and get questions answered.

There are always going to be those who are going to be poison, who will do all they can to bring a person down..that is a fact of life off line and online..we can give up and be angry or we can make a decision and show them wrong!

It has been good talking to you Kathleen, but now I have to get more Christmas baking done... have a great day!


The internet sheeple mentality has gone over the edge, beyond critical mass.

Do you know how people used to determine if a business was a scam in the "olden days" before the internet?

They'd JOIN the business and see how it worked, if it worked, and communicate with the owner.

EZ Wealth Solution usually only costs $10 to join, right now it's a $5 joining special this month. Any "scam discusser" who isn't willing to join $5 or $10 businesses and make an in-depth study, should not be calling themselves a "scam discusser".

Mail-order studies of 15 or 20 years ago, and even now today, are made by people who are willing to put in the money to join businesses and study them for 30 days or more. If "scam discussers" are not willing to put in a few dollars per month and a few hours per day for 30 consecutive days to really study 12 businesses per year from the inside, unwilling to spend $60 to $120 per year, and make competent reviews and gain a competent audience, then they are NOT "scam discussers", they are just lazy, flat broke, incompetent, unknowledgeable people with a lack of longterm commitment and lack of credibility that they are trying to instill into the heads of any other unknowledgeable people who read their uselessness.

RE: Share if a Website is a Scam or Not please
12/10/2012 6:53:34 PM

Hi Everyone

I think I've seen my share of Scam people promoting here on Adland and other marketing site... The kind of people promoting Scam are having all the same attitude...making money fast, don't care about anything/anybody and are not willing to invest time into a longterm solid residual income.

This 2 companies are NO SCAM and I'm part of for years.



Fusion on the GO.jpg

Merry Christmas to you


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Kathleen Vanbeekom

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RE: Share if a Website is a Scam or Not please
12/11/2012 4:42:07 AM

This is a message I got when people who think for themselves read the crud at "scam-discussion" sites:

Hi Kathleen,
My name is Cor___ T_____.
I'm looking at Lotto Magic through your affiliate site.
I've been kind of "stalking you" - or at least your online presence
for the last couple of days.
I notice you have a few "haters" on one forum I visited - I don't
think they hate you, just the
way you have chosen to earn online. Don't know anything about them,
but assume they are part of the
97% who don't make it online. I think they are part of the "hate MLM
group" online who just don't get it.
Also checked out your site ""
CB Pro Ads and Doba look interesting to me for a future time. Right
now Lotto Magic has my full attention.


LOL! That's just one of many. I wish more people had brains like that guy!

RE: Share if a Website is a Scam or Not please
12/16/2012 2:47:28 PM
Great insight Diane, Kathleen, and I appreciate the others who have shared some here too. Thanks so much for helping to identity scams, as well as sharing about programs that work! Steve
Adlandpro is one of my fave sites as the people are fanta-bulous, the networking is great, having a place to share ads and info rocks! For over 20 years now I've been part of a huge T.E.A.M., where "Together Everyone Achieves More." Our dreams and goals are to help as many folks succeed as possible no matter what occupation or biz you are in. I have 3 main blogs or websites, including expertise in blogging, forums, communities, network marketing, social networking, advertising, lead generation, SEO & more. Love connecting with like-minded individuals. Thanks so much, Mark Stephen Hauser of and my main blog

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