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Amanda Martin-Shaver

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RE: Cyclothymia. What it is and how to deal with it.
9/4/2011 4:18:06 PM
Hello Sara,
I agree that one wonders why these drugs can legally be advertised when they are so full of toxins and poisons.
I see it as no different as say.. someone deliberately poisoning another with rat poison or anti-freeze or the like a little at a time over a period of time making that person so sick then they die. The person who poisoned the other gets arrested, trialed with a life sentence in prison or death row.
The BigPharmas are doing exactly the same yet on a much wider and destructive mass poisoning murder. They should be held up for accountability too.

I reckon that many people still believe their doctors know what they are doing prescribing these drugs to their patients, they have complete trust in their doctors and specialists.

Yes I enjoy a cup or two of green tea, although you remind me to get it out where I can see it so I will take it more often. I like to drink a cup or two of hot boiled water - you should see the look on my waitress face the times I have ordered this at a restaurant, then I get it and it is more often than not in a mug or cup but in a syrofoam mug. My sister-in-law drank this when she was on Jenny Craig's program years ago back in NZ and I tried it as I am not a fan of plain cold water and I really liked boiled hot water.

Hello Venerina,

I have not heard of this condition before now, yet it is not too surprising as there are more and more conditions being named every day as they manifest themselves into new symptoms.

I cringe everytime I hear of some new prescription drug advertised on TV for some complaint then you get a 'grocery list' of side-effects that one can get from taking it. Then wait around 6 months later and a Law Firm starts advertising for anyone who has taken the particular drug and had another 'grocery list' of serious and dangerous problems to themselves or their babies - even to someone dying.

This is serious stuff, yet the Big Pharma's are still 'spitting out' their dangerous and toxic untried drugs with the approval of the FDA which I do not believe they have as much say or 'clout' as the general public thinks... all in the name of billions of $$ and the expense of peoples lives.

I have noticed that there have not been as many 'cures found' for various life threatening diseases as complaints been reported.. but that is another story!


Amanda, on this I totally agree with you. It amazes me that these ads can legally be put on TV - they are false advertisements and just like you say in a few months - here come the lawyer ads. The adverse effects are most times worse than what they are treating a person for.

Yet, I know people, even family that when they hear of a new drug to treat something, they will be off to the doctor to get it and the doctor willingly writes out that prescription.

Recently, our doctor prescribed blood pressure medication for my husband. When he read the side effects, he refused to take it and I do not blame him for I won't take it either. I use natural things like green or black tea, cider vinegar mixed in water, healthy food, and of course exercise in moderation.

Thank you for writing what I think everytime I hear another one of those commercials and they tell you the side effects. Why would anyone take it??!!!

Thanks Venerina!


Jiz Breckan

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RE: Cyclothymia. What it is and how to deal with it.
10/18/2011 8:36:07 AM
Better diet definitely plays important role in keeping the body fit and fine. But you should plan a proper diet chart and nourishment that is required by a body. Thanks for the lovely post.

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