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What is Varolo? Make Money From Home Watching Ads
12/4/2010 3:05:23 AM
Varolo Website May Be Down Until Saturday December 4th Preparing For
Beta Launch

Hi Friends.

I just received an update from Varolo but before I post the update, I wanted to make sure everyone knew what Varolo was and how Varolo could help you earn some extra cash just for watching ads online.

Instead of me writing a long summary of what Varolo offers, I figured I would just show you. The video below is a 2 minute tour of Varolo. Below that I will include the video that shows the compensation plan. This truly has the potential of bringing in some serious cash for the right people. Check it out. Everything is completely free with Varolo. No Sign Up Costs, No Monthly Fees, No Gimmicks, and certainly No Hassles. See where "Free" can take you!

Here is the compensation video also. You can see here how this could eliminate any 9 - 5 jobs you have...

If you haven't already registered you can use the link here Varolo Registration. Please use the email for the sponsor email.

If you still have questions or would like additional support to help you succeed with Varolo, you can check out my support and information website at

Some of the information on the support website is reserved for our Varolo Team so to have access to it you will need to give me a few hours to grant you the correct access to the website. If you used a different name when you registered with our site then you did with Varolo, please contact us and let us know the names as this is how I verify you are who you are. Once you have access to the whole site, check out these areas for additional help -

Forums - Great advertising techniques (among other things) to grow your Village and links to help you get things done quickly and efficiently.

Site Catalog - A good collection of different sites that offer everything from software to online tools. Most if not all are free so please enjoy.

File Catalog - Here is a collection of different eBooks that can help you with Varolo or any other online business you are interested in. There is about 20 or so in there right now and this grows about 2 or 3 a day. I will eventually have all of them there (Over 85 books).

The videos above show you a good summary of Varolo and how it can help anyone with 10 minutes a day they can spare, but I recommend that you watch the full Varolo Presentation (about 13 minutes) from the Varolo website. I was going to link to the full presentation but they are getting ready for the big beta launch tomorrow (see the other post in this forum).

Varolo will change the way we consumers view commercials and advertisements.

The Future of Advertising is Here!
Discover How we are Earning Every Week with Varolo For Free - Find out how the power buyers and power sellers are making more when they shop online -

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