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Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson
BirthdayMonday, March 28, 1977
Member SinceSunday, November 07, 2010
Last ActivitySaturday, April 14, 2012
LocationWest Branch, Michigan, United States United States
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About Me
I was in retail management for about 8 years with great success. I also ran our family bar and restaurant for almost 3 years, comping year after year. I had to quit the family business due to family life. I had very little time with my beautiful wife and 2 incredible daughters so I decided that family time and family life was more important than money. I was right!

I have my hands into multiple ventures online that I enjoy promoting when I can. I enjoy meeting new people and letting them know about free ways to make and save money as almost everyone that I talk to could be better off financially then they are.

I do ask that friends help me out if they can spare 2 minutes and I will return the favor.

Help me by registering at Beezag. Watch 1 ad and get the points and that's it! This takes about 2 minutes. If you need a referral to a free, safe, legit site - just let me know.
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Cheryl Maples - (3/28/2011 6:39:29 AM) : Happy Birthday, Scott! Enjoy your day! Cheryl
James Mckenzie - (3/27/2011 10:15:43 PM) : Hello Scott, Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Birthday and many, many more. Enjoy your day with many Blessings. James
Ethel Van Zanten - (2/1/2011 3:06:34 AM) : Hi! Scott, this is Ethel van Zanten here. I am a part of a group you might be interested in. We are all in a network marketing business but we don't talk about any certain one. We just talk about HOW to THINK not WHAT to THINK. I have really learned alot since I joined them just one month ago. I am now building a successful network marketing business. Why don't you join us. Let me know. Ethel
Ricki Tomolillo - (12/16/2010 8:53:56 PM) : Hi my name is Ricki I drive a big rig every day and I hate my job. I have been triing to break into the work at home internet business for years. My problem has always been running out of money before I could make a profit. So I wrote my own Ebook and poored my heart and sole into it in hopes that people would buy it, would get a better out look and understanding of why people have different l
Scott Peterson - (12/14/2010 11:19:19 PM) : I wish I had better news for you because between Varolo & Beezag, I have made a nice chunk of change for the month. They are both only for U.S. residents... Sorry again. If you ever need anything just let me know.
Scott Peterson - (12/14/2010 11:18:01 PM) : Hi Lillia, While Varolo has every intention of expanding internationally, patent applications, trademark and trade name applications, and international lottery laws and other work must be performed prior to our launch internationally. At this time Varolo members are limited to those living in the United States.
Liilia J. - (12/14/2010 7:25:45 PM) : Hi Scott! I watched your Varolo site,I think it´s interesting,but I have a question. Is it only for USA citizen or can people from other country joing with them too?
Scott Peterson - (12/10/2010 6:08:50 PM) : No problem Zed. I hope you get your 10. Friends should help each other out...
Zed Jansen - (12/10/2010 11:00:12 AM) : THANK'S SCOTT I HOPE YOU GET 10 FRIENDS TO YOU ARE MY NUMBER 5
Liilia J. - (12/9/2010 10:22:43 AM) : Hi! I accept your invitation. It´s great to have new friends here.


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