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RE: Christs Letters 2006 - 2007
2/14/2012 5:28:18 AM

2012: Breaking Point

How can mankind have been so blind that they followed a path and did not even consider what lay at its end? It is an end to which mankind is taking the last few steps towards. Those who do not awaken will find themselves in a world without empathy, compassion and love. Life will be worth less than that which has no life. It will be everyone for themselves.

Mankind will not be saved by their established religions, for they have only served to blind mankind even further than they were. Religion itself has been used to divide mankind, and to cause them to condemn and kill each other in the pursuit of supremacy.

Mankind will not be saved by beings from another planet because there are none. Who but fools or conquerors would dare set foot on a world so selfish, violent and ignorant of Truth, a world whose inhabitants are in an endless struggle against each other. How could such a struggle be ended, except by an even greater force and fear than mankind already uses against each other?

Mankind will not be saved by the rulers of the world, for if it were possible, it would have been done already. It is not possible because such people seek only power and wealth, and these things are only gained by deceit, force, and the manipulation of others. It is not equality they seek but domination. They are the vain, prideful, self-serving who create fear and set people against each other. They obtain office by deception. They enter as servants and sit as masters. They pretend to be religious yet their only religion is materiality. Even now they are preparing the children to abandon all things spiritual so that they will become willing slaves in a world without morals or a God. They will cover the earth with death as they cull mankind to a more manageable level.

Science will not save mankind for it is in the hands of those who rule. It is not the scientific achievements that are known to many that are the greatest danger, but rather it is the science known only to the few in power that should be feared.

The end of the path is not yet reached but for those who care to look, it can be seen, and refuge can be found.

These are the last days whether you believe it or not, and those who cannot see the evidence will be like blind men walking in the dark towards the edge of a cliff. It will be a day when man’s animal instincts will rule supreme, have you any idea what that means? There will be no more pretense, and even animals will value life more than man.

There is still time to come to know yourself, your true nature as an immortal spiritual being. There is still time to realise that life is more precious than any material thing. There is still time to turn to yourselves and each other, to realise what you are and what you are not.

Man has lived by his own will, the world has been made the way it is by man’s will alone, and it is only man’s will that will change it.

The world we have is the world we inherited, and it is the world we will leave for the children, and for those who will return for another life journey because they did not learn or come to know themselves. It is time to say; ‘no more’. It is time to put an end to this madness, it is time to crush the head of worldly desire so that we may see each other for what we are, a family, the children of God, each a living spiritual being. It is time to look at the world and realise what we have done, and what we are doing to each other. It is time to wake up before the point is reached when there is no turning back.

I do not want to stand and watch that dreadful day, for although I will stand without fear, I will not be without empathy.

There is no escape from who you truly are and the Self cannot leave the Self, but there is an escape from death, because death is being what you are not, i.e. a physical being. Choose Love, choose Life, and see through your spiritual eyes what was hidden from you. I will save as many as I can, and I will save my tears for those I cannot save.

Where will you be in 2013, because whatever you do to others, you give them permission to do unto you.

Love and blessings

William More Here Spiritual Evolution


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