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How to take a screen dump (or screen capture)
1/18/2010 3:58:13 PM
Both terms mean the same thing... they mean a picture of what you see so that I can see what you see, and then I can hopefully fix your problem for you. :)

Step 1
With the problem visible, press the Print Screen key on your keyboard. Chances are it's somewhere up near the top right corner.

Step 2
You can use any photo program you want, but since everybody has Paint, that's what we're going to use. Start Menu -> Programs -> Accessories ->Paint

Step 3
Now that you have Paint open, click Edit -> Paste to paste your screenshot, and then save it... make sure you put it somewhere you'll remember where you put it.

Step 4
Now you can email it to us at, which is super easy... or you can post it on the forums. If you want to post it on the forums, click on the button, which is third from the right on the bottom row.

Step 5
Click Browse, then find the photo you saved in Step 3, and then click Upload File.

Step 6
Now click on the photo you've just added, and then click the Add Photo button on the right hand side. This will add your photo to your post... and from there, you're all set! Just finish up your post, submit it, and you're all done!

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