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Cameron Hayglass

Cameron Hayglass
BirthdayMonday, November 19, 1984
Member SinceTuesday, March 06, 2007
Last ActivityFriday, December 28, 2012
LocationWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Canada
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About Me
Hi there. My name is Cameron HayGlass, and I've worked at AdlandPro since March 2007. If you have any questions, try visiting this forum first :
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Interests: Football
Industries: Football
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Amanda Bird - (4/15/2010 12:24:02 AM) : G'day Cameron. Just stopping by to say thanks for being a friend on Adlandpro. I recently updated my profile by adding more pictures and "Jazzing It Up". Feel free to comment on my photos, check out my about me and WEBPAGES. Let me know if I may be of assistance. Your Friend In Success Amanda "One Can Not Consent To Creep When One Feels An Impulse To Soar".
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Amanda Bird - (12/30/2009 1:37:28 PM) : Cameron let 2010 be better then all the rest. Vow to do some of the things you've always wanted to do but couldn't find the time. Call up a forgotten friend, make a new friend, help a stranger. Walk tall, dream big and smile more. May your right hand always be stretched out in friendship, never in want - an Irish Toast. Here's to the new "adventures" in 2010. Your Friend In Success Amanda
Sara Gardner Blow - (12/28/2009 4:29:57 PM) : Thanks for all your help Cam!
Chuck Detore - (2/9/2008 3:39:09 AM) : This guy is going places! And helping folks along the way...
Joelees Wholesale - (6/29/2007 9:11:47 AM) : Hi Cam,
Thank you for accepting my invite :-) I'm honored be to a member of your adland family. Gods speed my new friend :-) Lee
Tina Bryant - (6/20/2007 12:23:39 PM) : Thanks for visiting Charity Design Publications at the Community Expo.
Hans Desrouleaux - (4/17/2007 2:43:34 PM) :
To begin this wonderful friendship.
It is a my pleasure to offer you this free gift
I know you will enjoy it greatly & it will change your life.
Feel free to pass it along to your friends and loves-one.

Once more it’s a pleasure to meet you.


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