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Re: Warning. Dangerous Instant Message Virus.
12/14/2005 6:00:17 AM
The BIG problem now my Britè-friend is that I can not log in at all to any of those 3 computers, I am affraid I will lose all in there too, and that will take me back 5 years AND my looses will to big to continue with as my Bio-book, my N.M-book, my course, my couses/softwares/e-mails - all will get lost if I re-install Windows XP.. I am so stressed that I do not think I can make this without pills, as my recovery should be silent and not much work - and it is not at all... If You have ANY solution, please mail me private my friend, all / any help is most wanted, and I will be sooooo happy for it. Take care my friend.. Your Vikingfriend Arild
Re: Warning. Dangerous Instant Message Virus.
12/18/2005 12:44:50 PM
thank you for the warning much luck Adi
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Re: Warning. Dangerous Instant Message Virus.
12/18/2005 2:07:57 PM
Hi Anthony, I just thought i would let you that I was highjacked by "something" I am a member of 12dailypro and then joined rainsurf. As I was surfing something very odd appeared on the screen. A big black page appeared and in bright yellow it said. You are advertising for aprofit and it advised me to stop immediately or? Some threat came up and then it flashed off before I could read the rest. When I went to surf my 12daily that evening,I couldn't get in to my site. For 2 day I thought I was banned for something I did. I notified Jill who is my upline and she said it looked like I was highjacked. She said my account was fine from her end. She said to try going through Firefox. As it was I was on Explorer. I did this and my site came up ready to surf. No other sites as well as my own will come up on Internet Explorer.When 12daily emails me I cannot enter the links from internet explorer either. I then seen a report from 12daily that rainsurf was trying to steal thing from them and they were having major problems with rainsurf. What a releif it was to find out about this. I thought I was finished with 12dailypro. What a releif also that I had Jill to ask about my account and what to do. She said that I will probably never be able to get into my site from Exporer as they are very vulnerable to highjackers. Well enough rambling for now. I am just so releived and wanted to tell someone of my experience. Thanks for all your advice and this forum Anthony. From Diana http://mapleridgemarketplace.come/cashflow

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