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Re: * * QUESTION * * What's a Good Way To Withdraw From Egold?
12/4/2005 10:20:13 AM
Greetings, Yes, it is against policy to use paypal as exchange, but what people don't know will hurt them, and that is the key. Most don't know, so what do they do, they put e-gold exchange in decription info. box on transaction and paypal scans descriptions for keywords, so they get caught. In reality, how would they know what transaction is for unless you told them? I have been using it as an exchange for years with no problems, and large exchange at that, so I know it works, but there are too many people who don't think first and will put in decription box what transaction is for, and get their account locked. I also keep more than one account and do not keep money in accounts, so I do not run the risk of getting locked up. Good luck to all, Mike
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Re: * * QUESTION * * What's a Good Way To Withdraw From Egold?
12/4/2005 12:25:35 PM
Thank you very much Mike for your help. I knew in the past that one guy got his account closed for doing that. Well, I will stay away from that option. There is no reason for me to go against a policy that I know about, so I'll respect their rules, better safe than sorry. After all, all it takes is one person sending you money with PayPal who puts the wrong thing in the description to alert PayPal. I prefer to follow the rules and then I have zero percent risk of getting into trouble. Thanks for taking the time to make this post.

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Re: * * QUESTION * * What's a Good Way To Withdraw From Egold?
12/4/2005 12:49:28 PM
Hi Felicia, If you find a better way than Stormpay, Please let me know. That is the reason that I switched my 12dailypro account to egold. stormpay was eating me alive. Bruce
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Re: * * QUESTION * * What's a Good Way To Withdraw From Egold?
12/4/2005 12:53:11 PM
I would love to find out , too, how tó fund egold quickly. It is so horribly complicated, really!!! I shall watch this forum closely, because this topic interests me. Blanka
Re: * * QUESTION * * What's a Good Way To Withdraw From Egold?
12/4/2005 3:44:23 PM
Wow.. this is an interesting topic. I was worried about e gold as well. but I just started 12dailypro so I have to figure this stuff out. After meeting so many people that max out with 12dp.. almost made my stomach hurt :( Oh well.. But knowin me.. Even though you say it's against the policy.. I'm sly about it, if this will avoid extra fees.
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