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Greetings Adland Friends,


The best thing about forums is the friendships we can make, so by all means, lets all be friends.  Business with friends is always a much more personal and pleasant transaction, but even more important is keeping our friends after the transaction.  I have always believed it is far better to have a million friends than a million dollars.  Can you lend me a buck. LOL


My primary focus are Non-Profit Fundraisers. My favorite is a NEW one just launching and worth evaluating as a business and fundraiser or both. Visit and register for FREE to learn more. I also like the concept of protecting children from abduction and molestation, a growing trend that is alarming to all who know the statistics. If you are looking for a non traditional feel good buisness, then this is it. Child-Shield-USA is not selling, it is telling, and the best non profit fundraiser in the industry, so please watch fee information video with Oprah, Ed McMahon and John Walsh of America's Most Wanted TV show to learn more, click here.


Having been online since the original internet when used as an educational tool, I saw the potential and developed several successful businesses online, as well as built a large networks of friends and associates over the years.  My strategy online is to represent only true value and quality products and services regardless of the income potential in promoting them.


Second most important strategy is to represent online businesses that offer something unique or exclusive, if not at the lowest prices.  Again, I consider this the essential in the critical product value equation.  I also like to specialize in new marketing concepts as the internet is a moving target and what worked yesterday will often not work tomorrow, so success will always be depedent on how you market your products or services.


Third most important strategy is deversity.  Never market only one product or service, expecially in this economy where what is hot today is not tomorrow.  I have seen it all, and no matter how great a product or service is today, it can be useless tomorrow due to market and trend changes.  I represent no less than a half dozen business and investment opportunites so as to not waste the friendships I have cultivated online and off over the years.  It is important to have something for everyone as this will always give you the best strategy of success.  Niche marketing is an alternative strategy, but it is rare to have a product so profitable that you will earn a living selling to a select consumer base.


Lastly, be honest with your customers as you are first and formost building friendships, so would you screw a friend?  Of course not, so why screw a customer.  Remember, the customer is always right, and if you treat your customers as friends, they will multiply far more quickly than if you try to take advantage of someone.  Choose your products, services and companies wisely and you will never go wrong.


What is the true definiton of success?  It will vary from person to person, so don't push people into a business where they have no interest or desire for success.  Not everyone feels the same about success.  So rather than chase a customer away with selling, when we all know most cannot sell, never mind talk to a stranger, be happy if they become a customer and friend, not everyone is cut out to be in business for themselves.


As to my list of businesses I believe in and have been successful at, the list may scare some, but remember, I am a full time online marketing business person, so choose what interests you and what you can personally endorse and believe in.  I have thoroughly evaluated the below list and have no problem referring them to friends and family.  I beleive in having something for everyone, as you will see with my TOP RECESSION PROOF BUSINESSES.


1.  ICF WORLD HOMES is the answer for anyone who is struggling with the current recession.  If you are in need of a New Custom Environmental Home, then you need to take our tour and learn how you can be mortgage and foreclosure free, as in, own your home free and clear. To find out how, with no credit, no mortgage, no bank hassles, check this incredible offer where you can be mortgage free and protected from foreclosure as markets collapse. 


2.  With foreclosures in the millions, banking collapse, real estate values dropping like a rock, always look for recession proof businesses, and this is another great business to be in at the moment if you are smart.  Our Sellers Assistance Cash Program is exploding.  Register for FREE Webinar Training to learn more. We offer the lowest cost training to insure your success with a minimum of risk.  for overview.  Take the FREE Test Drive Today.


3.  Super HIGH SPEED WIRELESS by BUZZIRK GLOBALVERGE is an industry changing new WiFi technology offering unlimited mobile and wireless internet for less that all the others, plus much faster, you can download movies in minutes, so check it out.


4.  For those who have your own business, low cost HealthCare may be of interest. By simply registering as a FREE affiliate you can access health benefits including RX Prescription Card, $100K Term Life Insurance, Dental and HealthCare coverage, so register today to learn more, plus an extra income from your site, this is worth looking at.  , so register for FREE to SEE.


5.  Business Sales Incentives is HOT during recessions, so boost your business sales by offering FREE Incentives like $525. Cash Gift Card, $500. Gas Rebate or Grocery Rebate plus FREE RX Pharmacy Discount Card, and with so many unemployed without health insurance, this is great incentive for all businesses, plus one of the best fundraisers available. and register to start raising funds in as little as fifteen minutes


6.  One of the most powerful opportunities is to help smokers by introducing a safe non cancer causing alternative which replaces dangerous cigarettes while not annoying others around you who dislike smoke.  This is amazing product, looks like a cigarette, tastes like a cigarette, smokes like a cigarette but doesn't harm your health or the health of others in your home or anywhere else you normally would want to smoke at.  No BAN, totally unique, as is the opportunity, so check it out.


7.  Most important, the glue that pulls all the above together with hundreds of qualified leads daily. It is no secret we are all going through tough economic times, and the recession is going to get worse before it gets better. If you are serious about financial freedom, then you need customers, and this automated internet based predictive call dialer software is the tool everyone needs to succeed no matter what your business is.


8.  When combined with and, you can explode your business sales. All the inustries top business tools are going to insure your successs, whether just starting your home business, or trying to survive in this down economy, you need tools which will recession proof your businesses.


9.  Take a close look at HOT new Auction Network.  This is like eBay, and Auction, but this is a Reverse Auction, as in, Low-Bid Wins.  As incredible as this sounds, you win product you want when you hit ZERO, as in $0.00.  In addition, BIGTicketDepot is another interesting offering for millionaire luxury items. Take a FREE Tour at  


10.  Wealth Without Health is Wortless, so if health is important to you, as it is to me, you need to research products which which is the only secret you need to know about disease prevention, anti-aging and maximizing your level of health.


11.  And for those who are sick of HYIP's and AD SURF Scams, this is the one which will earn you more than all the others combined.  International Cash Exchange is my most recent addition, and one that is earning the most, and for good reason, this is totally automated system where you will receive cash currencies from all over the world almost daily after you learn how to set up your autopilot marketing software.  For a FREE TOUR, plus tons of marketing secrets, you have nothing to lose and nothing but tons of cash to gain, so you

have to check this out today, I would not have believed the success if not seeing it first hand.


Regards, Mike Sullivan




Call:   1-800-768-7667
Order the Membership Package for $30 + S/H
Sponsor & Enroller  name & ID:  E.C.S., Inc. -  6094836





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Harold Lamma - (4/28/2012 5:56:51 PM) : Just sent you a friend request
Eloisa Stahlberg - (12/16/2011 9:36:29 AM) : Hi Mike,,,
Perfect and Immortal - (8/20/2008 10:19:06 AM) : have you ever tried your hand at building - building

Well, I suppose that every one of us is building every
single day of our lives. We are all busy engaged in building
our consciousness during every waking hour. We are building
a structure of attitudes, actions and reactions. The
building we do is invisible and silent, and consequently it
is probably overlooked by most of us.

Nonetheless, it's probably the most fundamental and most far
reaching activity in our whole life, this building of our
state of mind and our attitude. Every single one of us is
building our consciousness all the time, although we are not
even aware of it.

Hour by hour, minute by minute, we are building good, or so
called evil, failure or success, happiness or suffering into
our lives by the thoughts we think the ideas that we harbor
in our minds, the beliefs that we accept, the scenes, the
events and the conversations that we rehearse in that hidden
studio of the mind.

The actors that get into that hidden studio of your mind are
those that will play out the drama of life for you. The
drama of life is rehearsed in the radio studio of your mind
and what appears outwardly is simply the presentation of the
drama that you have rehearsed day by day, all unknowingly,
building the script into your consciousness.

The building, this consciousness, this fateful edifice, upon
the construction of which you are always busily engaged, is
nothing less than your Self- your true SELF, your
personality, your identity on this earth, your very life
story as a human being, the central core of YOU, is that
which you are building.

Now, if you are wise, if you are intelligent, if you
exercise more common sense, you will, in the light of what
you now know, build positively, and constructively. You will
begin to take concern for that which finds a home in your
mind. You will be concerned about the thoughts and attitudes
that become the actors, rehearsing the drama of your life.

Supposing you were going to put on a play. You wouldn't go
and find the least capable people that you could find to act
in it for you, would you? Of course you wouldn't. You would
go and find the most capable actors that you could locate.
Let this be so in the radio studio of your mind. Bring into
your mind these actors that can do a good job - love,
kindness, security, faith, courage and wisdom. Give these a
home in the studio of your mind because what gets your
attention, get you.

You become what you think about.
Tina Bryant - (7/18/2007 10:04:27 AM) : Thank you for viewing

I just viewed your website and I like it alot!

Let me know if there is anything that Charity Design Publications can do for your business.
Joelees Wholesale - (7/16/2007 8:44:07 AM) : Hi Mike,
Thank you for accepting my invite :-) I'm honored be to a member of your adland family. Gods speed my new friend :-) Lee
Karen Carcel - (9/6/2006 1:53:31 PM) : savesu

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DESIRE@Karen Carcel

Desire is the serum of the soul secreted to the universe in thought
Binding the energies of creation form given genesis in one new Image.
I am, I am what I will I will what I believe I believe what I Accept
I accept what I love I love what I am I am.

Have a nice day

According to

Favourite Links
Natural Cures
Health Science Institute

Favourite Links
Dennis Marsh - (7/24/2006 11:44:51 AM) : Hey Mike, that's a lot of websites, you own them all? Nice work. Surely there is something in there that a guy like me, with no money can do to get ahead and help you out at the same time. If you like you can e-mail me: or visit one of my pages: or
or or
Wow, I didn't know I had so many. thanks for the invite. I certainly need more friends like you.
TamPogo Mike - (7/24/2006 11:44:51 AM) : Hi Dennis,

Thanks for the site visit and rating, and introduction. Yes, I learned long ago to be diversifed, so I work a dozen at a time and it eliminates any losses. I am full time onliner, so a little different than most here. In fact, just added another one, and this may turn out to be the best of all. This one has passed my acid test with huge response in test marketing.

Regards, Mike
Janice& Gary Hawkins - (10/7/2005 2:45:36 PM) : Greetings Mike,

Gary and Janice Hawkins just left your website and found it exciting and informative. We particularly enjoyed your information on Enviro-Max Plus! So we rated your site a 10 out of 10! We would like to encourage everyone in the adland community to spend some time here on Mikes website, Great Information! Welcome to the Adland Community! If we can ever be of any assistance please let us know, respectfully, your friends in Idaho.
Nan Herring - (8/16/2005 11:27:45 PM) : i had a peek.


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