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Re: The real measure of success is .....
3/6/2005 10:02:35 AM
I cannot fully agree with Edison. I am inclined to think that Edison was referring to his own situation - struggling as a means to an end. From a universal point of view, I should think that the measure of Succes is the achievement of a goal however long it takes to materialize. Rudolph
Mark Wade

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Re: The real measure of success is .....
3/6/2005 11:19:50 AM
Hi Bogdan, Thanks for your daily quotes. I don't know about any of this "profound" stuff :-) I rather look at success as whether or not my head hits the pillow at night and I am happy with myself because I've done the best I could have done for that day. Heck, Edison certainly left this world a better place than it had been. In some small way, if I've done that each day then I have been successful. And Why Not? I'm not takin' any of my "stuff" with me when I "go" anyways..... Have a great day, Mark
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