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Re: Blogging, or weblogging, is growing in popularity ...
10/17/2005 7:36:13 PM
Great article!! Blogs also majorly improve search engine rankings as they are spidered with every post. My difficulty is posting-I am so busy I am not getting the full advantage of my Blog!!! Visit and leave me a comment or a marketing tip with one of your favorite marketing programs, it will help us both!
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Re: Blogging, or weblogging, is growing in popularity ...
10/17/2005 8:19:02 PM
Thank you Kenneth for inviting me to your forum today. Great information about blogging and how it is utilized. Many People will eventually catch on to how wonderful blogging is. A fabulous asset to an online business. It is an awesome marketing & education tool. Reaching and expanding many doors to the open market globally. I appreciate your time & thought into what you wrote here will assist those who have no clue what a blog is & how great it is. Thanks again. Luann Irwin
Re: Blogging, or weblogging, is growing in popularity ...
10/17/2005 9:38:38 PM
Kenneth, Thanks for getting this out to the community, and as always, you're providing very valuable information. I've been a little surprised at the adoption rate for both blogging and RSS - although both are growing quickly, it's not nearly as quickly as I would have expected. Literally, anyone can be published now, and anyone can pick up that content and republish if it's made available as an RSS feed. Some blogging tools just automatically provide the RSS. Amazing stuff.
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Re: Blogging, or weblogging, is growing in popularity ...
10/17/2005 10:32:21 PM
Hi Ken, Yep. Blogs are definately useful, fun, and easy to get started. I've heard a little talk about Longhorn, the next Microsoft O.S. incorporating RSS into the operating system. Have you heard anything about this? provides a great service. Having a custom blog on your own domain is cool too. Jon
Re: Blogging, or weblogging, is growing in popularity ...
10/18/2005 12:41:11 AM
Blogging? Did I hear someone say Blogging, Hip Hip Hooray! My favorite word :P And you betcha Kenneth blogging isnt going ANYWHERE. I learned about blogs about six months ago when I was a totaly newborn online newbie. I was like "What the heck is a blog? Oh well who cares I need to learn html and all the other stuff to build a website." So that is what I did for the most part. I read and studied and read some more about marketing, how to advertise, how to draw traffic to your website and this term weblog kept popping up. So I figured it was time to see what all the stink was about. As I learned more each day about online business I began to see the great asset of weblogs aka blogs. So in efforts to bring more traffic to my new website and increase the inbound links I created my first blog. I rather enjoyed it and found it to be so much more simpler than website design and you can just about do everything that you can do with a traditional website with a weblog. So I make my posts to my blog a few times a week and before I know it within four months I have a google page rank of 5. So I start thinking why the heck am I paying $30 a month for webhosting, when I can pay 9 bucks for a blog that does the same thing as a traditional website, and obviously the search engines liked my blog way better than my website. So I ditched the website and have become a faithful believer in blogs. I now have two of them, I just created another blog that is even cheaper than my first blog at only 4 bucks a month. Bringing my total blog service provider fees to $15 a month, still less than most webhosting fees All I can say is, if your not blogging you are missing out on a great opportunity. The two blog service providers I use are Blogharbor and Bizzy Blogs. If you are new to blogging I suggest Bizzy Blogs as they are much more user friendly for the blog newbie than Blogharbor. With blogharbor you better be a blogging veteran or you are liable to get lost and get frustrated, trust me I did when I first started and it took me a good three weeks to figure their system out to where I felt comfortable with it. Plus with Bizzy Blogs you can earn commissions by referring others. I dont know of many blog service providers that offer such an user friendly system on top of having an affiliate program. Oh and did I mention that it costs a whole big whopping 4 bucks a month to have your very own Bizzy Blog. Go here and at least check it out Geez I just realized I sound like some used car sales men,lol, :P sorry I cant help it. I love blogging and I love to help people as well, so why spend anywhere from 25 to 40 dollars a month to promote any products or affiliate programs you have when you can do it for $4.00 a month? If you are old school and you dont think blogging is for you or your style you can still get some killer deals on traditional webhosting here Good Fortune and Blogging To All, Dawn Marie PS. Ok sorry one more plug for the blogs,:P at $4.00 a month think about having five different blogs ($20 a month) all with links pointing to your traditional website. Hmmmm how would that affect your traffic and website rankings?

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