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Tips on Carjacking prevention for all at Adlandpro
10/9/2005 12:32:33 PM
Hello everyone. One of the more increasingly violent crimes, is Carjacking. We hope that none of you have suffered this brutal form of crime, & we pray you never do. Here are a few tips to avoid it.

Carjacking Tips

Carjacking of parked vehicles depends on the car owner being inattentive to their surroundings. Carjackers, like street robbers. prefer the element of suprise. Most victims say they never saw the carjacker until they appeared at their car door. To reduce your risk of being carjacked, we have listed some common sense steps below.

Always park in well-lighted areas, if you plan to arrive/leave after dark.
Don't park in isolated or visually obstructed areas near walls or heavy foliage.
Use valet parking or an attended garage, if your a woman driving alone.
As you walk to your car, be alert to suspicious persons sitting in cars.
Ask for a security escort if your are alone in a shopping center.
Watch out for young males/females loitering in the area (handing out flyers, etc).
If someone tries to approach, change direction or run to a busy store. (If able)
Follow your instincts if they tell you to walk/run away to a busier place.
As you approach your vehicle, look under, around & inside your car.
If safe, open the door, enter quickly, and lock the doors.
Don't be a target by turning your back while loading packages into your car.
Make it your habit to always start your car and drive away immediately.
Teach and practise with your children to enter and exit the car quickly.
In the City, always drive with your car doors locked and windows rolled up.
When stopped in traffic, leave room to maneuver and escape, if necessary.
If you are bumped in traffic, by young males, be suspicious of the accident.
Wave to follow, and drive to a gas station or busy place before getting out.
If you are ever confronted by an armed carjacker, don't resist.
Give up your keys, or money if demanded, without resistance.
Don't argue, fight or chase the robber. You can be seriously injured.
Never, Never agree to be kidnapped. Drop the car keys and run and scream for help.
If you ARE forced to drive, consider crashing your car near a busy intersection, so bystanders can come to your aid and call the police.
Call the police immediately to report the crime and provide detailed information.

Of course, in todays America, most drivers carry some form of self defense with them when driving. In most states the possesion of a firearm in a vehicle, is by law, stated that the firearm must be in full sight at all times.
This does have a tendecy to make carjackers think twice.
Also, the practice of carrying stun guns, pepper & mace spray has increased dramatically, over the last few years. Sprays of all sizes can be carried on your person, and special holders for the sprays can be affixed to various parts of the car interiors.
To see the state laws for where you live, & a full selection of stun guns, pepper/mace sprays & personal high volume alarms, please visit our store at.

We sincerly hope that you are never in the situation where you have need to use these non-leathal weapons, & we hope that the tips given above, ensure that the need does not arise. However, for your safety & your familys peace of mind, consider purchasing some sort of personal alarm or protection. Your security minded friends in Las Vegas.
Craftie Linda

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Re: Tips on Carjacking prevention for all at Adlandpro
10/9/2005 12:40:43 PM
Anthony lovely tips Thanks Linda
Re: Tips on Carjacking prevention for all at Adlandpro
10/9/2005 1:02:15 PM
Thanks for good info my friend. Here where I live now we sleep with unlocked cars and houses, but in the cities there are a lot of crime, carjacking as well.
Gene Tinney

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Re: Tips on Carjacking prevention for all at Adlandpro
10/9/2005 1:31:57 PM
hi Anthony,thanks for those tips.My cars are old,and i dont think anybody would want to mess with them,but i guess it always pays to be vigilant. Gene
Donna Lira

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Re: Tips on Carjacking prevention for all at Adlandpro
10/9/2005 1:44:24 PM
Hi Anthony, Thanks for the great security tips. I can add one more to your list. For Women: Always have your key ready in your hands before heading for the parking lot, so you are not searching in your purse. Thanks again for sharing and all you are doing for our community members. Warm regards, Donna aka texgirl

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