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Pauline Raina

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Happy Mothers Day!!
5/1/2009 4:54:57 AM
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Did anyone tell you how special you are,
being a good mom isn't the easiest job by far,
Sleepless nights, worrying and fright,
Praying for all just to be right.
Cooking and cleaning, not another easy task,
'can I take sometime off' you're always 'fraid to ask!
And then one day  as time slips by,
You realize its time for your babies to fly,
the nest that you built has become too small,
for they are now big & six feet tall,
And it tugs at your heart to let go
but now you realize they need you no more,
And as you watch them go
a prayer flows from your heart
God keep them safe as long as we're apart.
And along life's journey you see them go
stumbling at times but up again and wiser than before,
For you have taught them well to see
that all is not lost even tho' it  seems to be
for they know that your blessings follow them
and they love you
for just being the best MOM to them.

©Pauline Raina2009

Dearest Adland Mothers & friends,

Its already the 1st of May my side of the world, soon we will comemmorate 'Mothers Day' I would love for you to come and share one special moment you had with your mother at some point of time....I will too I have many and always think of MOM and how special she was and how much she taught me through her life time ! Lets dwell on some pleasant loving and affectionate thoughts of our loved ones, cause in the end thats all that matters, and in essence makes you who  you are really ..right ??

Love you all, thank you for making my life richer by being in it !

Blessings always

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Alain Deguire

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Re: Happy Mothers Day!!
5/1/2009 8:05:54 AM
Hello Dearest Pauline!

WOW! What a wonderful poem you wrote there for this opening of your "Mothers' Day" sharing thoughts and remembering thread...

So, I want to wish for this special day of recognition...
to all of My Friends' Mothers and to all of My friends here that are a MOTHER...

A VERY SPECIAL DAY... to remember always...

With Lots of Friendship and Love,

Blessings and Hugs,

Georgios Paraskevopoulos

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Re: Happy Mothers Day!!
5/1/2009 10:56:18 AM
Hi Pauline!

They say May is the best month. I agree! Thank you for sharing thi nice poem.
I wish all mothers in AdLandPro and the Entire World


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Dimitra Bravou

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Re: Happy Mothers Day!!
5/1/2009 1:17:06 PM
Hello Pauline,

Thank you for the wonderful poem. We all owe so much to our mothers.

This is a special day for all mothers in the world. We love them.

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Nick Sym

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Re: Happy Mothers Day!!
5/2/2009 1:15:50 AM
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