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Ana Maria Padurean

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This is something you have to see!
9/3/2005 5:37:01 PM
Hello my friends, As today I'm trying to read my mails and honour my forum invitations, I found some of them very important. That is why I spread the word about them. Here is one to my friend Roy's forum: I think he is so right there. These days I've got also lots of mails about helping people in New Orleans, many of them having a very doubtfull "taste", but these one which I want to shear with you: Hello Anamaria Over 2000 years ago, it was written "In the world you will have tribulation;" (see note in P.S. please) This week, we met tribulation in the name of Katrina. Some of you know that I was born in New Orleans. Although I haven't lived there for many years, much of my family is there. Like so many you see on television, we have family members currently unaccounted for. The reason I'm writing today is to simply say that *every* effort made on behalf of the poor souls in New Orleans counts. * Every prayer counts. * Every good thought counts. * Every action counts. * Every dollar counts. Most of us feel that we are not in a position to make real change happen. But that thought is wrong. We CAN make real change happen, one prayer, thought, action, and dollar at a time. Sadly, many 'wolves in sheep's clothing' will arise in the coming days and weeks. That's why I'm recommending you only donate directly to the Red Cross. Here is their site. Remember, every dollar counts. And thank you. Charlie Page 866-824-8966 P.S. The rest of the verse says "but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." And thank God that He did, for that is the Good News. Do not forget to visit my Roy's forum too, here: Wish you all the best, Anamaria
Re: This is something you have to see!
9/3/2005 5:49:51 PM
Ana maria, Yhank you for a giving spirit.Great writings from Jesus are always things to meditate on.
Michael J. Lipsey
Re: This is something you have to see!
9/3/2005 5:54:29 PM
Thanks for the heads up. Randy
"So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it" (Isaiah 55:11).
Gene Tinney

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Re: This is something you have to see!
9/3/2005 6:46:28 PM
hi Ana Maria,bless you girl.I have no room in my heart or my head for people who take unfair advantage of unfortunate people. your friend Gene
Re: This is something you have to see!
9/3/2005 6:48:08 PM
Anamaria, Thank you for the invite. I was quite suprised to see that Roy had put his name to an email that I received & posted to one my forums a few days ago. I know the editor of the original email stated that he would like his name taken off it, but I did not expect anyone to post it as their own. Here is the link to the forum thread which I posted a good 24 hrs before Roy did. I also received an email from Roy yesterday in another business which has nothing to do with Adlandpro in which he put his name to the bottom of the email. Today in various of our email address in-box's we have received the same email with around ten other names as the 'editors' of this email. Posting the original warning like I did is the correct thing to do, making out that the warning is from you is lying, if this is a lie, what else is. As to your other email which you have posted, this is the true way in which we can ALL help the people of, not just New Orleans, but the whole of the Gulf Coast communitys, many who have suffered & are still suffering much more than the citizens of New Orleans. They can only sit & wait & hope that someone will eventually get round to all the little towns & hamelets, where even the T.V. reporters cannot get to. Lets hope assistance gets to these small communitys before it's to late for them.

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